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Completed Coastal Massachusetts Field Activities

1993-003-FA 1993-02-25 - 1993-02-26 ASTERIAS Bill Strahle
Recover remaining instruments from mooring #408.
1993-020-FA 1993-08-30 - 1993-08-30 ASTERIAS Mike Bothner
Collect 3 replicate slow cores with TV video at 4 stations in Boston Harbor that we have sampled before (1977, 1978, and 1987).
1995-041-FA 1995-08-03 - 1995-08-03 MWRA WHALER Rick Rendigs
Water sampling at selected navigational buoy sites in Boston Harbor for geochemical baseline measurements.
1996-022-FA 1996-08-07 - 1996-08-08 ASTERIAS Mike Bothner
Collect series of cores from 4 sites (sampled 3 times since 1977, most recently in 1993) to measure sedimentation and mixing rates in metals concentrations; compare changes in metals inventory from cores 1977-present. Collect 3 cores with 1 m barrels at each station; possible 2 m core from Station 8.
1999-011-FA 1999-03-18 - 1999-03-26 DELAWARE II Page Valentine
Sampling (video, photo, sediment) and sub-bottom profiling.
2000-061-FA 2000-07-09 - 2000-07-09 MARCUS HANNA Mike Bothner
The cruise objective is to collect sediment cores at 6 long-term monitoring stations within Boston Harbor. The cores will be used to determine the concentrations and inventories of heavy metals. The previous work at these stations has documented a 50% decrease in metal concentrations in surface sediments between 1977 and 1993. This sampling will check conditions just before the sewage outfall is changed from Deer Island (at the mouth of the harbor) to the new location 9 miles offshore.
2001-060-FA 2001-08-27 - 2001-08-31 CONNECTICUT Page Valentine
Geological and biological observations and sampling for habitat mapping.
2002-048-FA 2002-06-20 - 2002-06-20 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Set tripod #693; install telemetry equipment on USCG buoy.
2002-052-FA 2002-08-08 - 2002-08-08 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Diagnose telemetry problems on B-buoy.
2002-029-FA 2002-09-09 - 2002-09-13 FERREL Page Valentine
Geologic studies of benthic habitats in the Stellwagen Bank NMS region.
2002-056-FA 2002-09-19 - 2002-09-19 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Repair telemetry on B-buoy and redeploy mooring #693A.
2003-023-FA 2003-03-23 - 2003-03-26 Page Valentine
Seabed photographic imagery and sidescan from AUVs for habitat mapping and classification.
2003-014-FA 2003-08-22 - 2003-08-28 CONNECTICUT Page Valentine
Sea floor habitat research.
2004-054-FA 2004-06-23 - 2004-06-23 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Recover two benthic chambers in Hingham Bay and collect several diver-collected push cores. The benthic chambers were previously deployed by WHOI scientists W. Martin and J. Goudreau on 6/16/04 from the RAFAEL (HB-0604).
2004-019-FA 2004-09-13 - 2004-09-17 RAFAEL Brad Butman
Bottom sampling, video and photography for ground truthing multibeam bathymetric data.
2005-033-FA 2005-08-15 - 2005-08-15 USCG 49 FOOT BUOY TENDER Mike Bothner
Collect sediment cores from Monitoring Stations 4 and 8 in Boston Harbor for metals analysis.
2005-048-FA 2005-11-21 - 2005-11-21 RAFAEL Jane Denny
Geophysical survey in Boston Harbor - sidescan sonar and swath bathymetry of small area to be used as habitat vitalization by MA Division of Marine Fisheries.
2006-011-FA 2006-01-17 - 2006-01-17 Mike Bothner
Tour of the Deer Island Treatment Plant.
2008-003-FA 2008-01-07 - 2008-01-07 TIOGA Mike Bothner
Collect 6 sediment cores and bottom water from Hingham Bay, Station 8.
2010-035-FA 2010-04-27 - 2010-04-27 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Cleaning a monitoring buoy about 6 miles off shore from Boston.
2010-036-FA 2010-05-01 - 2010-05-01 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Using SCUBA to clean instruments on a buoy moored 10 miles off shore of Boston.
2010-060-FA 2010-07-13 - 2010-07-13 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Assist MBL with core collection in Boston Harbor. Will not be bringing any samples or data back to the USGS.
2010-084-FA 2010-09-21 - 2010-09-21 TIOGA Mike Bothner
Collect sediment cores for determination of contaminant concentrations. Measure the partitioning of inorganic and methyl mercury in pore water from Hull Bay sediments. Measure the rates of mercury methylation in Hull Bay sediments.
2013-029-FA 2013-05-03 - 2013-05-17 AMARILLO Brian Buczkowski
test this system
2013-044-FA 2013-11-05 - 2013-11-21 Page Valentine
Collect sediment samples, photos, video, and ctd data for substrate mapping on Stellwagen Bank in collaboration with Stellwagen NMS scientists.
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