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Completed Coastal Massachusetts Field Activities

1970-007-FA 1970-06-10 - 1970-06-16 GOSNOLD John Schlee
The main purpose was to complete bottom sediment sampling in the nothern quadrangle and to do additional 3.5 kHz seismic profiling as a supplement to those taken in earlier cruises of the GOSNOLD and VERRILL last year.
1970-009-FA 1970-08-10 - 1970-08-13 VERRILL, A. E. John Schlee
Set two current meters and make current measurements and vertical profiles of salinity and temperature in Massachusetts Bay and west of Stellwagen Bank.
1987-002-FA 1987-01-20 - 1987-01-22 ASTERIAS Brad Butman
Conduct detailed sidescan survey around 3 sites to aid in location of bottom tripod system.
1987-005-FA 1987-02-05 - 1987-02-15 OCEANUS Brad Butman
The OCEANUS cruise was part of a continuing study of the hydrography, circulation and sediment transport in the Gulf of Maine. The specific objectives of the cruise were to: 1) Conduct a detailed hydrographic survey of the Gulf of Maine; 2) Recover 2 moorings in the Northeast Channel; 3) Deploy 1 subsurface mooring in Rodgers Pass; and 4) Deploy instrumentation (3 tripods, 1 subsurface mooring and 3 surface buoys) in Massachusetts Bay.
1987-012-FA 1987-04-15 - 1987-04-17 MARY LOUISE Brad Butman
Conduct a hydrographic survey of western Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor following a period of record rainfall and stream runoff.
1987-024-FA 1987-06-16 - 1987-07-21 NEECHO Rick Rendigs
To conduct a high-resolution seismic reflection (Uniboom) and sidescan survey of Boston Harbor and selected offshore areas.
1987-050-FA 1987-07-16 - 1987-07-31 GLORIA MICHELLE Page Valentine
1987-032-FA 1987-07-29 - 1987-08-07 NEECHO Mike Bothner
To collect sediment samples for geochemical and geotechnical measurements. In addition to sediment samples, a short sidescan sonar survey will be conducted around transponders at the three tripod sites occupied by Butman.
1988-017-FA 1988-09-26 - 1988-09-28 ATLANTIC TWIN Rick Rendigs
The objective of the cruise was to collect twelve vibracores from specified sites within Boston Harbor. The location of these sites was determined from selected high-resolution seismic survey lines conducted during the summer of 1987 by the U.S. Geological Survey. The cores will be x-rayed, split, described, photographed and subsampled for geochemical, geotechnical and sedimentologic analyses. Correlation of lithologic results will be utilized to further define the Holocene and Pleistocene stratigraphic history of Boston Harbor.
1990-035-FA 1990-09-11 - 1990-09-13 MARLIN Brad Butman
Deploy current moorings in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays to study circulation patterns. Instruments supplement moored array currently deployed by WHOI and UNH as part of Massachusetts Bays program.
1991-001-FA 1991-01-14 - 1991-01-15 OCEANUS Bill Strahle
Recover surface and subsurface moorings at 7 locations in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays. The moored array is part of a study of coastal circulation and sediment transport.
1991-003-FA 1991-01-31 - 1991-02-01 OCEANUS Bill Strahle
Deploy surface buoys and instrumentation at 6 sites in greater Massachusetts Bay. This winter experiment is designed to study the resuspension and transport of fine-grained sediments by winter storms.
1991-017-FA 1991-06-16 - 1991-06-19 ARGO MAINE Brad Butman
Recover surface moorings, guard buoys and bottom tripod systems at 8 locations in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays. The moored array is part of a study of coastal circulation and sediment transport conducted by scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the University of New Hampshire, and the U.S. Geological Survey.
1992-007-FA 1992-05-15 - 1992-05-21 ARGO MAINE Mike Bothner
To collect sediment samples, video and surface sediments.
1993-003-FA 1993-02-25 - 1993-02-26 ASTERIAS Bill Strahle
Recover remaining instruments from mooring #408.
1993-006-FA 1993-04-19 - 1993-04-27 DELAWARE II Page Valentine
Collaborative research with NMFS: echo sounding, sidescan sonar surveys, video, and bottom sampling of the southwestern part of Stellwagen Bank to map sedimentary environments and biological habitats.
1993-020-FA 1993-08-30 - 1993-08-30 ASTERIAS Mike Bothner
Collect 3 replicate slow cores with TV video at 4 stations in Boston Harbor that we have sampled before (1977, 1978, and 1987).
1993-023-FA 1993-09-20 - 1993-10-01 ANDERSON Page Valentine
Sidescan sonar survey of the bank, including video and sampling, to produce maps of the sedimentary environment and biological habitats.
1993-030-FA 1993-11-13 - 1993-11-17 DELAWARE II Page Valentine
1994-040-FA 1994-02-15 - 1994-02-17 WHITE HEATH Mike Bothner
Recover moorings #428 and 429 from Massachusetts Bay; deploy moorings #430 and 431 in Massachusetts Bay and #432 on Stellwagen Bank; sampling.
1994-035-FA 1994-04-04 - 1994-04-04 WHITE HEATH Marinna Martini
Deploy tripod #438 to accompany existing moorings at site.
1994-032-FA 1994-04-06 - 1994-04-15 ALBATROSS IV Page Valentine
Document character/distribution of fisheries habitats on the northern edge (U.S./Canada) of Georges Bank; quantify trawling/dredging on epibenthic megafauna in fished/unfished areas; sidescan future GLOBEC site; and re-sidescan storm/fisheries impacted Stellwagen Bank.
1994-026-FA 1994-06-20 - 1994-06-29 ASTERIAS Harley Knebel
Rick Rendigs
Sidescan sonar and 3.5 kHz survey (reconnaissance) and sediment sampling (if time permits).
1994-020-FA 1994-06-22 - 1994-06-22 VENTURE Dann Blackwood
Frank Manheim
Retrieve cobbles and hard substrates for analysis and use as monitor of water column contaminant. Seek areas of exposed hard-substrates.
1994-019-FA 1994-07-06 - 1994-07-11 WHITE HEATH Rich Signell
Recover current meter array #432 and deploy #439 and 442 on Stellwagen Bank.
1994-014-FA 1994-09-08 - 1994-09-13 ARGO MAINE Page Valentine
ROV survey, sampling, video observations of sedimentary environments and habitats.
1994-004-FA 1994-10-11 - 1994-10-25 FERREL Page Valentine
Document character/distribution of fisheries habitats in SE Stellwagen Bank w/ sidescan sonar, video, photo, and samples. Resurvey/sample areas surveyed April and Sep. 1993 to evaluate changes in dredge disturbance on sea bed; prepare sediment distribution/bio habitat maps.
1994-007-FA 1994-10-18 - 1994-10-22 FERREL Bob Oldale
Rick Rendigs
Collection of seismic reflection data for determining the geologic framework of Stellwagen Bank, Tillies Bank and Tillies Basin.
1994-048-FA 1994-10-25 - 1994-10-25 WHITE HEATH Bill Strahle
Recover mooring #439 and deploy #448 on Stellwagen Bank.
1994-008-FA 1994-11-06 - 1994-12-05 CREED Bill Schwab
Page Valentine
Multibeam and bathymetric sidescan of small study area of Massachusetts Bay and the southern part of SBNMS. First cruise of three for the next two years.
1995-013-FA 1995-03-29 - 1995-04-26 CREED Page Valentine
Multibeam bathymetric and sidescan survey to finish southern, middle part of SBNMS (2nd cruise of 3 in 1995).
1995-029-FA 1995-04-10 - 1995-04-10 WHITE HEATH Bill Strahle
Recover surface mooring #448 on Stellwagen Basin and attach surface marker to subsurface mooring #452 in Greater Boston Harbor.
1995-015-FA 1995-05-05 - 1995-05-07 ANDERSON Page Valentine
Acquire sediment samples and video and photographic images of the sea bed that will be used to interpret sidescan sonar imagery and compile maps of Stellwagen Bank.
1995-041-FA 1995-08-03 - 1995-08-03 MWRA WHALER Rick Rendigs
Water sampling at selected navigational buoy sites in Boston Harbor for geochemical baseline measurements.
1995-036-FA 1995-09-15 - 1995-09-20 ANDERSON Page Valentine
Acquire sediment samples, video, and photographic images of the sea bed that will be used to interpret sidescan sonar imagery and compile maps of Stellwagen Bank.
1995-012-FA 1995-10-05 - 1995-10-13 FERREL Page Valentine
Acquire sidescan sonar imagery, sediment samples and video images of the sea bed that will be used to interpret sidescan sonar imagery and compile maps of Stellwagen Bank.
1995-039-FA 1995-12-19 - 1995-12-19 WHITE HEATH Marinna Martini
Deploy tripod mooring #464, occupation 19 Dec., 1995 - 13 Feb., 1996.
1995-033-FA 1996-04-02 - 1996-04-26 CREED Page Valentine
Continue multibeam bathymetric and sidescan sonar survey of Stellwagen Bank NMS.
1996-032-FA 1996-04-02 - 1996-04-26 CREED Page Valentine
Continue multibeam bathymetric and sidescan sonar survey of Stellwagen Bank NMS.
1996-025-FA 1996-05-16 - 1996-05-23 DIANE G Page Valentine
Acquire sediment samples, video images, and still photos of the sea bed that will be used to interpret sidescan sonar imagery and compile maps of Stellwagen Bank NMS.
1996-037-FA 1996-07-26 - 1996-08-01 ISABEL S Page Valentine
Sampling, video and still observations of sea bed to ground truth multibeam survey for mapping. CTD casts.
1996-022-FA 1996-08-07 - 1996-08-08 ASTERIAS Mike Bothner
Collect series of cores from 4 sites (sampled 3 times since 1977, most recently in 1993) to measure sedimentation and mixing rates in metals concentrations; compare changes in metals inventory from cores 1977-present. Collect 3 cores with 1 m barrels at each station; possible 2 m core from Station 8.
1996-038-FA 1996-10-07 - 1996-11-02 FERREL Page Valentine
Conduct sidescan sonar surveys to image sedimentary environments and biological habitats. Acquire data from the sea bed that will be used to interpret sidescan sonar imagery and compile maps of Stellwagen Bank NMS.
1996-043-FA 1996-11-19 - 1996-12-14 CREED Brad Butman
Bill Schwab
Page Valentine
Bathymetric and backscatter surveys using multibeam in New York Bight, Stellwagen NMS, and western Massachusetts Bay to outfall region.
1997-029-FA 1997-05-19 - 1997-05-19 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Dive to retrieve disabled tripod #479.
1997-020-FA 1997-07-25 - 1997-08-01 ABEL J Page Valentine
Sampling of sedimentary environments and biological assemblages and habitats for mapping purposes.
1997-041-FA 1997-08-13 - 1997-08-13 ASTERIAS Uri ten Brink
3 OBSes will be deployed to evaluate the 2 new prototype data loggers and compare the background noise levels of the new 1 Hz geophones with the old 4.5 Hz geophones.
1997-042-FA 1997-08-22 - 1997-08-22 ASTERIAS Greg Miller
Both OBSes that were previously deployed were recovered. The data will be used to analyze the effective response of the new 1 Hz geophones and compare the response to the 4.5 Hz data.
1997-033-FA 1997-10-20 - 1997-11-01 FERREL Page Valentine
Conduct sidescan sonar mapping of selected areas, sediment sampling, video and photo imagery.
1998-022-FA 1998-04-28 - 1998-05-01 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Page Valentine
Geological and biological sampling of biological habitats in area closed to fishing as of May 1, 1998.
1998-017-FA 1998-07-16 - 1998-07-30 ISABEL S Page Valentine
Sampling, video, and photography of the sea bed; conduct biological habitat surveys.
1998-039-FA 1998-07-30 - 1998-07-30 USCG 41 Peter Gill
Collect bottom water samples.
1998-029-FA 1998-09-30 - 1998-10-18 FERREL Page Valentine
High-resolution seismic survey; sampling, video, and photos of sea bed.
1999-011-FA 1999-03-18 - 1999-03-26 DELAWARE II Page Valentine
Sampling (video, photo, sediment) and sub-bottom profiling.
1999-024-FA 1999-07-13 - 1999-07-30 ISABEL S Page Valentine
Sampling, video, and photography to ground truth seabed imagery and define habitats.
2000-011-FA 2000-06-05 - 2000-06-09 FERREL Page Valentine
Geological and biological observations; video/photo/grab sampling. Research area is 42deg05 N to 42deg48 N and 70deg02 W to 70deg36 W.
2000-061-FA 2000-07-09 - 2000-07-09 MARCUS HANNA Mike Bothner
The cruise objective is to collect sediment cores at 6 long-term monitoring stations within Boston Harbor. The cores will be used to determine the concentrations and inventories of heavy metals. The previous work at these stations has documented a 50% decrease in metal concentrations in surface sediments between 1977 and 1993. This sampling will check conditions just before the sewage outfall is changed from Deer Island (at the mouth of the harbor) to the new location 9 miles offshore.
2000-062-FA 2000-07-19 - 2000-07-19 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Jonathan Borden
Deployment of NOPP/WHOI/USGS Tripods and Buoys.
2000-066-FA 2000-08-18 - 2000-08-18 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Repair telemetry equipment. Recover tripod at Boston site. Check tripod at mooring at Scituate site.
2000-065-FA 2000-09-05 - 2000-09-11 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Page Valentine
Video/still imagery and sediment sampling in SBNMS.
2000-073-FA 2000-10-24 - 2000-10-28 FERREL Page Valentine
Mapping sea floor environments; ground truthing with video/photo.
2001-026-FA 2001-01-30 - 2001-01-30 USCG 41 Mike Bothner
Collect short cores for Metal Flux Study in order to test gel probes against the centrifuge pore water extraction method. Samples were collected around the long-term Station 8 in the Boston Harbor study. Target position: 42deg 17 min 28.688 sec N, 070 deg 55 min 48.507 sec W. This location is west of the typical Station 8 in order to avoid a concentrated mat of Ampilisca (amphipod) tubes. These tubes make it diffcult to cut the core for pore water studies.
2001-049-FA 2001-06-04 - 2001-06-08 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
One day trip to deploy a benthic chamber and a second day trip to recover the chamber 4-5 days later. Dates are uncertain. The benthic chambers will measure the flux of metals and nutrients from the sediments of Hull Bay. The chamber weighs about 150 lbs in air and is in the shape of a tripod, 3 feet on a side. A detachable black and white camera will be used to check the placement on the bottom.
2001-060-FA 2001-08-27 - 2001-08-31 CONNECTICUT Page Valentine
Geological and biological observations and sampling for habitat mapping.
2001-069-FA 2001-09-17 - 2001-09-17 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Install electronics on buoy, deploy tripod #663.
2001-070-FA 2001-10-04 - 2001-10-09 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
On October 4 we deployed two benthic chambers and collected 6 sediment cores (by SCUBA). Recovered chambers on Oct. 9, 2001.
2001-085-FA 2001-12-05 - 2001-12-05 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Service equipment on buoy; recover tripod #663.
2002-022-FA 2002-01-10 - 2002-01-16 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Jan. 10: deployed two benthic chambers. On Jan. 16 the chambers were recovered. Eight diver push cores were collected.
2002-044-FA 2002-04-08 - 2002-04-08 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Deploy telemetry mooring and tripods #687 and 688 off Scituate.
2002-045-FA 2002-05-21 - 2002-05-22 MARCUS HANNA Mike Bothner
Exchange moorings at the LNB site and off Scituate. Collect sediment samples and oxygen profiles at our long-term monitoring stations.
2002-048-FA 2002-06-20 - 2002-06-20 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Set tripod #693; install telemetry equipment on USCG buoy.
2002-049-FA 2002-07-08 - 2002-07-08 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Collected 5 sediment cores (~25 cm of sed. recovered in each core) from Hull Bay with SCUBA divers. Cores were sectioned and analyzed by WHOI scientists (Jen Morford and Linda Kalnejais). Sediment and pore water samples were analyzed.
2002-052-FA 2002-08-08 - 2002-08-08 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Diagnose telemetry problems on B-buoy.
2002-029-FA 2002-09-09 - 2002-09-13 FERREL Page Valentine
Geologic studies of benthic habitats in the Stellwagen Bank NMS region.
2002-056-FA 2002-09-19 - 2002-09-19 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Repair telemetry on B-buoy and redeploy mooring #693A.
2002-058-FA 2002-09-26 - 2002-09-27 ASTERIAS Mike Bothner
Video bottom, deploy benthic chambers, video chambers on bottom, take diver push cores and video coring process.
2002-059-FA 2002-10-02 - 2002-10-02 ASTERIAS Dann Blackwood
Recover benthic chambers.
2003-023-FA 2003-03-23 - 2003-03-26 OCEANUS / SEABED AUV Page Valentine
Seabed photographic imagery and sidescan from AUVs for habitat mapping and classification.
2003-014-FA 2003-08-22 - 2003-08-28 CONNECTICUT Page Valentine
Sea floor habitat research.
2003-057-FA 2003-08-27 - 2003-08-27 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Marinna Martini
Deploy NOPP surface mooring #734 off Scituate, MA.
2003-051-FA 2003-10-24 - 2003-10-24 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Using SCUBA divers, collect 8 sediment cores from Hull Bay (Station 8) for geochemical analysis.
2004-023-FA 2004-04-07 - 2004-04-08 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Jonathan Borden
Recover Boston and Scituate tripods.
2004-025-FA 2004-06-16 - 2004-06-16 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Deploy 2 benthic chambers in Hingham Bay (Station 8) and collect up to 8 diver-collected push cores. Return in about 1 week to recover the benthic chambers.
2004-010-FA 2004-06-20 - 2004-06-26 NANCY FOSTER Page Valentine
Habitat studies and mapping.
2004-054-FA 2004-06-23 - 2004-06-23 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Recover two benthic chambers in Hingham Bay and collect several diver-collected push cores. The benthic chambers were previously deployed by WHOI scientists W. Martin and J. Goudreau on 6/16/04 from the RAFAEL (HB-0604).
2004-019-FA 2004-09-13 - 2004-09-17 RAFAEL Brad Butman
Bottom sampling, video and photography for ground truthing multibeam bathymetric data.
2005-022-FA 2005-05-18 - 2005-05-19 MARCUS HANNA Mike Bothner
Exchange moorings, collect sediment cores, and conduct geochemical experiments at long-term sites in Massachusetts Bay. Collect additional cores at long-term monitoring stations in Boston Harbor.
2005-025-FA 2005-06-06 - 2005-06-08 ARGO MAINE Marinna Martini
Deploy mooring #792.
2005-033-FA 2005-08-15 - 2005-08-15 USCG 49 FOOT BUOY TENDER Mike Bothner
Collect sediment cores from Monitoring Stations 4 and 8 in Boston Harbor for metals analysis.
2005-048-FA 2005-11-21 - 2005-11-21 RAFAEL Jane Denny
Geophysical survey in Boston Harbor - sidescan sonar and swath bathymetry of small area to be used as habitat vitalization by MA Division of Marine Fisheries.
2006-011-FA 2006-01-17 - 2006-01-17 DEER ISLAND TREATMENT PLANT Mike Bothner
Tour of the Deer Island Treatment Plant.
2006-028-FA 2006-10-11 - 2006-10-11 RAFAEL Mike Bothner
Collect sediment cores at one station in Boston Harbor (Hingham Bay) for pore water analysis and for lab-based erosion studies.
2008-003-FA 2008-01-07 - 2008-01-07 TIOGA Mike Bothner
Collect 6 sediment cores and bottom water from Hingham Bay, Station 8.
2010-035-FA 2010-04-27 - 2010-04-27 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Cleaning a monitoring buoy about 6 miles off shore from Boston.
2010-036-FA 2010-05-01 - 2010-05-01 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Using SCUBA to clean instruments on a buoy moored 10 miles off shore of Boston.
2010-060-FA 2010-07-13 - 2010-07-13 AQUAMONITOR Sandy Baldwin
Assist MBL with core collection in Boston Harbor. Will not be bringing any samples or data back to the USGS.
2010-084-FA 2010-09-21 - 2010-09-21 TIOGA Mike Bothner
Collect sediment cores for determination of contaminant concentrations. Measure the partitioning of inorganic and methyl mercury in pore water from Hull Bay sediments. Measure the rates of mercury methylation in Hull Bay sediments.
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