Building a Community System for Coastal Sediment-Transport Modeling
September 29 - October 2, 2002

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List of Plenary Presentations

Presenter Affiliation Title
John Allen Oregon State –Research issues in modeling shelf circulation”
Hans Burchard Baltic Sea Research Institute –Two-equation turbulence models for boundary layer flows”
Bruce Ebersole U.S. Army Corps of Engineers –Coastal sediment transport and morphology change modeling: Corps of Engineers applications, model development, and supporting R&D”
Kevin J. Farley1, Alan Blumberg2, Darin Damiani2, Robin Miller2, Pravi Shrestha2, James Wands2 1Manhattan College Riverdale, 2HydroQual, Inc. –The use of sediment transport models in contaminant evaluations”
Earl J. Hayter EPA, National Exposure Research Laboratory –Requirements for coastal sediment transport model: EPA perspective”
Mary Hill U.S. Geological Survey –Experiences with MODFLOW, the ground-water community model”
J. Dungan Smith U.S. Geological Survey and University of Colorado –Lessons from fluvial sediment transport”
Gary Taghon Rutgers –Particle transport in the coastal ocean - biological considerations”
L. Donelson Wright VIMS –Coastal ocean observing programs: a status report”

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List of Posters Presented

Presenter Title
Meinte Blaas, Patrick Marchesiello, Jim C. McWilliams, Christopher R. Sherwood, Keith D. Stolzenbach "Towards modeling sediment transport on the Southern Californian shelves"
Tom Chisholm, David Jay "Suspended sediment composition and a two-component aggregation model"
Claude Estournal, Patrick Marsaleix, Francis Auclair, Claire Julliand, Raoul Vehil, Caroline Ulses –Modelling the circulation and sediment transport in the Gulf of Lion (Northwestern Mediterranean)”
John Hamrick "Modeling of noncohesive sediment transport and bed deformation during unsteady flow in a bend using EFDC"
Scott C. James, Jesse D. Roberts, Richard A. Jepsen "Measurements of sediment erosion and bedload fraction with the ASSET flume"
T.A. Kniskern, S.A. Kuehl –Sediment mixing in the York River Estuary: geochemical observations”
Jing Lin, Harry V. Wang "Sediment transport modeling in Upper Chesapeake Bay"
Nugzar Margvelashvili "Numerical model of sediment and dissolved material transport in water column and sediment bed (MECOSED)"
Elizabeth W. North, Shenn-Yu Chao, Lawrence P. Sanford, Raleigh Hood "Modeling a Chesapeake-like ETM using an enhanced version of POM: the influences of wind and river pulses"
Nathaniel G. Plant "Inverting sediment transport from observed bathymetric changes"
Malcolm E. Scully, Carl T. Friedrichs "Comparison of modeling results with observations of gravity-driven mud transport and deposition on the mid-shelf of the Eel River continental margin"
Pravi Shrestha, Alan Blumberg, Dilhara Kaluarachichi, Honghai Li, Hector Laguette "Sediment stability in a shallow lake"
Alejandro Souza, Jason Holt, Roger Proctor, Mike Ashworth "SPM modeling using POLCOMS"
John C. Warner, Chris R. Sherwood, Bradford Butman, Hernan Arango, Richard P. Signell –Regional ocean modeling system (ROMS) À coastal sediment transport model test cases and applications”
Doug Wilson, Tom Chisholm, David Jay "A self-organization model of ripple formation"

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List of Video Presentations

Name Affiliation Topic
John Allen Oregon State Simulation of nearshore circulation (comparison to Duck, N.C.)
Hernan Arango Rutgers ROMS/TOMS: Simulating spatial and temporal oceanic variability
Hans Burchard Baltic Sea Research Institute  
Diane Foster Ohio State Small scale sediment transport
John Hamrick Tetra Tech Simulation of flow in a bend using EFDC
Courtney Harris VIMS Adding sediment and waves into the Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM)
Rob Hetland Texas A & M Simulation of flow from the Mississippi and in the Gulf of Maine
Scott James Sandia National Labs Movie showing erosion of sediment core in the lab
Li, Yuepeng VIMS Hydrodynamic simulation using UnTRIM (unstructured grid model)
Jing Lin VIMS Sediment transport modeling in Upper Chesapeake Bay
Larry Sanford University of Maryland Modeling the Chesapeake Bay estuarine turbidity maximum (ETM) with the Princeton Ocean Model (POM)
Pravi Shrestha Hydroqual Simulation of sediment transport in Lavaca Bay
Alejandro Souza Proudman Oceanographic Lab Simulation of flow in the North Atlantic near Ireland
Art Trembanis VIMS Demonstration of the capabilities of 3D visualization
John Warner U.S. Geological Survey Implementation and applications of a generic length scale "two-equation" turbulence closure with the numerical ocean model ROMS

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List of Attendees

Name Affiliation Email
Alexander, Soupy U.S. Geological Survey
Allen, John Oregon State
Arango, Hernan Rutgers
Beach, Reggie CORE
Blaas, Meinte UCLA
Blumberg, Alan Hydroqual
Burchard, Hans Baltic Sea Research Institute
Butman, Brad U.S. Geological Survey
Chisholm, Tom Oregon Graduate Institute
Drake, Tom Office of Naval Research
Ebersole, Bruce U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Ertman, Stephen Hydroqual
Estournel, Claude Laboratoire d' Aerologie, Toulouse
Farley, Kevin Manhattan College Riverdale
Foster, Diane Ohio State
Friedrichs, Carl VIMS
Fugate, David VIMS
Geyer, Rocky WHOI
Gross, Tom NOAA
Hamrick, John Tetra Tech
Hanes, Dan U.S. Geological Survey
Harris, Courtney VIMS
Hayter, Earl EPA
Hetland, Rob Texas A & M
Hill, Mary U.S. Geological Survey
James, Scott Sandia National Labs
Ji, Jeff Minerals Management Service
Kirby, Jim University of Delaware
Kniskern, Tara VIMS
Lacy, Jessie U.S. Geological Survey
Lavoie, Dawn U.S. Geological Survey
Lee, Cheegwan NOAA
Lesser, Giles WL | Deflt Hydraulics
Li, Yuepeng VIMS
Lin, Jing VIMS
Maa, Jerome VIMS
Madsen, Ole MIT
Margvelashvili, Nugzar CSIRO Marine Research Labs
Miller, Herman U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Plant, Nathaniel Naval Research Lab
Reed, Chris URS Corporation
Sanford, Larry University of Maryland
Schubert, Chris U.S. Geological Survey
Scully, Malcolm VIMS
Sherwood, Chris U.S. Geological Survey
Shi, Fengyan University of Delaware
Shrestha, Pravi Hydroqual
Smith, Jim U.S. Geological Survey
Souza, Alejandro Proudman Oceanographic Lab
Taghon, Gary Rutgers
Trembanis, Art VIMS
Wang, Harry VIMS
Warner, John U.S. Geological Survey
Wiberg, Patricia University of Virginia
Wright, Don VIMS

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Working Group Presentations

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For more information, contact:
Chris Sherwood, U. S. Geological Survey (
+1 508 457 2269
+1 508 457 2310 (fax)
Rocky Geyer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (
+1 508 289 2868
+1 508 457 2194 (fax)
Courtney Harris, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (
+1 804 684 7194

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