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Didemnum vexillum - Ireland Locations

Map location no. Location name or station no. Location
(2nd part of image filename)
Region Country Lat Lon Water depth, m Water temp. deg C Substrate type Comment
71 Malahide Estuary ME Malahide Ireland 53 deg
26 min N
06 deg
09 W
      mussels, seaweed, boat hulls, pontoons, chains, ropes, buoys Overgrowing many substrates in Malahide marina, Malahide, Ireland. Identified by G. Lambert, 2005.
72 Carlingford Lough CL Carlingford Ireland 54 deg
02 min N
06 deg
11 min W
0.1 and deeper    mussels, pontoons seaweed, sponges, worm tubes Ovegrowing many substrates in a marina in Carlingford, Ireland. Identified by D. Minchin and E. Sides, 2006.
90 South Galway Bay SGB Parknahallagh Ireland 53 deg
10.80 min N
08 deg
57.10 min W
low intertidal    oyster bags on trestle installations South Galway Bay, off Parknahallagh, Ireland. Photographed September 28, 2007. Identified by J. Nunn.
91 Clew Bay CLB Murrisk Ireland 53 deg 47.43 min N 09 deg 37.02 min W low intertidal   oyster bags on trestle installations Clew Bay, off Murrisk, Ireland.  Photographed Nov 9, 2007.  Identified by J. Kelly.
93 South Galway Bay 2 SGB2 Carrowmore Ireland 53 deg 12.75 min N 08 deg 58.25 min W low intertidal   oyster trestle South Galway Bay off Carrowmore, Ireland. Photographed Sep 30, 2007. Identified by J. Nunn.

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