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Didemnum vexillum - South Galway Bay 2, Ireland, Images

September 30, 2007
Image JN_SGB2_IRL007, tunicate colony of D. vexillum
Image JN_SGB2_IRL007.

Image JN_SGB2_IRL007.jpg.  Tunicate colonies of Didemnum vexillum (pale orange color) hanging from two middle bars of oyster bag trestle above the seabed.  South Galway Bay at Carrowmore, Shanmullen Channel, County Galway, Ireland (53 deg 12.75 min N, 08 deg 58.25 min W).  Water depth, low intertidal.  Sep 30, 2007.  Identified by J. Nunn (NMNI).  Photo credit:  J. Nunn (NMNI).  Map Location no. 93.
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