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Didemnum vexillum - Stage Harbor, Massachusetts, Images

July 24, 2006
Image DB_SH_DSC1902.
Image DB_SH_DSC1902.

Image DB_SH_DSC1902. Tunicate colonies of Didemnum vexillum (tan color) overgrowing green and red alga attached to plastic harbor mooring buoy that has been lifted partly out of water in photo. Stage Harbor, Chatham, MA (41 deg 39.90 min N, 69 deg 58.48 min W). Water depth 0.5-2 m. July 24, 2006. Collected by D. Blackwood (USGS). Identified by P. Valentine (USGS). Photo credit: Dann Blackwood (USGS). Location no. 69.
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