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Didemnum vexillum - Long Island Ledges, Maine, Images

October 9, 2006
Image SB_LIL_ME017.JPG.
Image SB_LIL_ME017.

Image SB_LIL_ME017. Tunicate colony of Didemnum vexillum (tan color) exposed at low (neap) tide encrusting the vertical lower side of a boulder, above an aggregation of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis); parts of the colony are peeling off the rock. Didemnum vexillum colonies were also observed growing on nearby subtidal seabed. Long Island Ledges, in the Hockomock Channel, west of Bremen Long Island, near Bremen, ME (43 deg 59.19 min N lat, 69 deg 24.07 min W lon). Intertidal (neap tide). October 9, 2006. Identified by P. Valentine (USGS). Observed by and photo credit: S. Baldwin (USGS). Location no. 73
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