Seismic Data

Lines 91-101
How to download the data.

FILE: l91f1 16505 traces:
Start of file: l91f1 SHOT=35 day=142 hour=10 minute=27 sec=24
__End of file: l91f1 SHOT=33063 day=142 hour=12 minute=45 sec=19

FILE: l92f1 19628 traces:
Start of file: l92f1 SHOT=47 day=142 hour=12 minute=52 sec=14
__End of file: l92f1 SHOT=39361 day=142 hour=15 minute=36 sec=22

FILE: l93f1 17496 traces:
Start of file: l93f1 SHOT=33 day=142 hour=15 minute=42 sec=44
__End of file: l93f1 SHOT=35083 day=142 hour=18 minute=9 sec=3

FILE: l94f1 18904 traces:
Start of file: l94f1 SHOT=47 day=142 hour=18 minute=15 sec=34
__End of file: l94f1 SHOT=37969 day=142 hour=20 minute=53 sec=57

FILE: l95f1 17454 traces:
Start of file: l95f1 SHOT=21 day=142 hour=20 minute=59 sec=24
__End of file: l95f1 SHOT=35047 day=142 hour=23 minute=25 sec=40

FILE: l96f1 20270 traces:
Start of file: l96f1 SHOT=39 day=142 hour=23 minute=31 sec=44
__End of file: l96f1 SHOT=40621 day=143 hour=2 minute=21 sec=11

FILE: l97f1 16764 traces:
Start of file: l97f1 SHOT=49 day=143 hour=2 minute=26 sec=34
__End of file: l97f1 SHOT=33809 day=143 hour=4 minute=47 sec=31

FILE: l98f1 18468 traces:
Start of file: l98f1 SHOT=47 day=143 hour=4 minute=53 sec=44
__End of file: l98f1 SHOT=37137 day=143 hour=7 minute=28 sec=35

FILE: l99f1 17515 traces:
Start of file: l99f1 SHOT=35 day=143 hour=7 minute=35 sec=34
__End of file: l99f1 SHOT=35427 day=143 hour=10 minute=3 sec=20

FILE: l100f1 19035 traces:
Start of file: l100f1 SHOT=33 day=143 hour=10 minute=8 sec=24
__End of file: l100f1 SHOT=38399 day=143 hour=12 minute=48 sec=32

FILE: l101f1 17445 traces:
Start of file: l101f1 SHOT=17 day=143 hour=12 minute=52 sec=34
__End of file: l101f1 SHOT=35029 day=143 hour=15 minute=18 sec=46