Seismic Data

Lines 1-17
How to download the data.

FILE: l1f1 3192 traces:
Start of file: l1f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=0 minute=42 sec=7
__End of file: l1f1 SHOT=6383 day=253 hour=1 minute=8 sec=44

FILE: l1f2 10417 traces:
Start of file: l1f2 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=1 minute=9 sec=22
__End of file: l1f2 SHOT=20833 day=253 hour=2 minute=36 sec=20

There is no line2f1.
FILE: l2f2 10383 traces:
Start of file: l2f2 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=3 minute=23 sec=26
__End of file: l2f2 SHOT=20765 day=253 hour=4 minute=49 sec=55

FILE: l3f1 12271 traces:
Start of file: l3f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=4 minute=58 sec=27
__End of file: l3f1 SHOT=24541 day=253 hour=6 minute=43 sec=25

FILE: l4f1 13012 traces:
Start of file: l4f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=6 minute=54 sec=56
__End of file: l4f1 SHOT=26023 day=253 hour=8 minute=45 sec=51

FILE: l5f1 13795 traces:
Start of file: l5f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=8 minute=52 sec=28
__End of file: l5f1 SHOT=27589 day=253 hour=10 minute=47 sec=35

FILE: l6f1 14446 traces:
Start of file: l6f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=10 minute=59 sec=55
__End of file: l6f1 SHOT=28891 day=253 hour=13 minute=0 sec=34

FILE: l7f1 12698 traces:
Start of file: l7f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=13 minute=8 sec=27
__End of file: l7f1 SHOT=25395 day=253 hour=14 minute=55 sec=11

FILE: l8f1 14323 traces:
Start of file: l8f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=15 minute=1 sec=58
__End of file: l8f1 SHOT=28645 day=253 hour=17 minute=1 sec=34

FILE: l9f1 3407 traces:
Start of file: l9f1 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=17 minute=8 sec=40
__End of file: l9f1 SHOT=6813 day=253 hour=17 minute=37 sec=6

FILE: l9f2 7986 traces:
Start of file: l9f2 SHOT=1 day=253 hour=17 minute=45 sec=18
__End of file: l9f2 SHOT=15971 day=253 hour=18 minute=51 sec=57

FILE: l10f1 13680 traces:
Start of file: l10f1 SHOT=2 day=253 hour=18 minute=58 sec=23
__End of file: l10f1 SHOT=27360 day=253 hour=20 minute=52 sec=38

FILE: l11f1 11438 traces:
Start of file: l11f1 SHOT=2 day=253 hour=20 minute=59 sec=40
__End of file: l11f1 SHOT=22876 day=253 hour=22 minute=35 sec=8

FILE: l12f1 15463 traces:
Start of file: l12f1 SHOT=2 day=253 hour=22 minute=43 sec=6
__End of file: l12f1 SHOT=30926 day=253 hour=0 minute=52 sec=12

FILE: l13f1 10952 traces:
Start of file: l13f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=0 minute=58 sec=17
__End of file: l13f1 SHOT=21903 day=254 hour=2 minute=29 sec=51

FILE: l14f1 15908 traces:
Start of file: l14f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=2 minute=36 sec=47
__End of file: l14f1 SHOT=31815 day=254 hour=4 minute=49 sec=42

FILE: l15f1 12364 traces:
Start of file: l15f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=4 minute=56 sec=31
__End of file: l15f1 SHOT=24727 day=254 hour=6 minute=39 sec=45

FILE: l16f1 13177 traces:
Start of file: l16f1 SHOT=2 day=254 hour=6 minute=45 sec=4
__End of file: l16f1 SHOT=26354 day=254 hour=8 minute=35 sec=6

FILE: l17f1 12060 traces:
Start of file: l17f1 SHOT=2 day=254 hour=8 minute=40 sec=8
__End of file: l17f1 SHOT=24120 day=254 hour=10 minute=20 sec=48