Seismic Data

Lines 18-33
How to download the data.

FILE: l18f1 14054 traces:
Start of file: l18f1 SHOT=2 day=254 hour=10 minute=27 sec=34
__End of file: l18f1 SHOT=28108 day=254 hour=12 minute=24 sec=52

FILE: l19f1 11580 traces:
Start of file: l19f1 SHOT=2 day=254 hour=12 minute=30 sec=24
__End of file: l19f1 SHOT=23160 day=254 hour=14 minute=7 sec=10

FILE: l20f1 15229 traces:
Start of file: l20f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=14 minute=14 sec=32
__End of file: l20f1 SHOT=30457 day=254 hour=16 minute=21 sec=36

FILE: l21f1 11268 traces:
Start of file: l21f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=16 minute=26 sec=20
__End of file: l21f1 SHOT=22535 day=254 hour=18 minute=0 sec=23

FILE: l22f1 14135 traces:
Start of file: l22f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=18 minute=8 sec=58
__End of file: l22f1 SHOT=28269 day=254 hour=20 minute=7 sec=4

FILE: l23f1 946 traces:
Start of file: l23f1 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=20 minute=12 sec=14
__End of file: l23f1 SHOT=1891 day=254 hour=20 minute=20 sec=6

FILE: l23f2 12352 traces:
Start of file: l23f2 SHOT=1 day=254 hour=20 minute=47 sec=43
__End of file: l23f2 SHOT=24703 day=254 hour=22 minute=30 sec=51

FILE: l24f1 15833 traces:
Start of file: l24f1 SHOT=2 day=254 hour=22 minute=38 sec=30
__End of file: l24f1 SHOT=31666 day=254 hour=0 minute=50 sec=40

FILE: l25f1 9898 traces:
Start of file: l25f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=0 minute=56 sec=13
__End of file: l25f1 SHOT=19796 day=255 hour=2 minute=18 sec=53

FILE: l26f1 13337 traces:
Start of file: l26f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=2 minute=24 sec=46
__End of file: l26f1 SHOT=26674 day=255 hour=4 minute=16 sec=9

FILE: l27f1 10837 traces:
Start of file: l27f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=4 minute=24 sec=20
__End of file: l27f1 SHOT=21674 day=255 hour=5 minute=54 sec=52

FILE: l28f1 10989 traces:
Start of file: l28f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=6 minute=1 sec=33
__End of file: l28f1 SHOT=21977 day=255 hour=7 minute=33 sec=16

FILE: l29f1 9684 traces:
Start of file: l29f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=7 minute=38 sec=25
__End of file: l29f1 SHOT=19367 day=255 hour=8 minute=59 sec=18

FILE: l30f1 8260 traces:
Start of file: l30f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=9 minute=8 sec=29
__End of file: l30f1 SHOT=16519 day=255 hour=10 minute=17 sec=27

FILE: l31f1 4447 traces:
Start of file: l31f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=10 minute=39 sec=40
__End of file: l31f1 SHOT=8893 day=255 hour=11 minute=16 sec=45

FILE: l32f1 15795 traces:
Start of file: l32f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=12 minute=32 sec=16
__End of file: l32f1 SHOT=31589 day=255 hour=14 minute=45 sec=25

FILE: l33f1 8796 traces:
Start of file: l33f1 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=17 minute=34 sec=12
__End of file: l33f1 SHOT=17591 day=255 hour=18 minute=47 sec=36