Seismic Data

ATSV 99044 CHIRP Subbottom Data: Tielines 1-21>
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Note: All references to SEG-Y files on this page are accessible only from CD-ROM Disc 6.

How to download the data.

FILE: tieln1 4905 traces:
Start of file: tieline1 SHOT=2 day=310 hour=17 minute=14 sec=4
__End of file: tieline1 SHOT=9810 day=310 hour=17 minute=58 sec=21

FILE: tieln2 7160 traces:
Start of file: tieln2 SHOT=2 day=311 hour=17 minute=51 sec=14
__End of file: tieln2 SHOT=14320 day=311 hour=18 minute=55 sec=52

FILE: tieln3 7456 traces:
Start of file: tieln3 SHOT=2 day=311 hour=22 minute=15 sec=11
__End of file: tieln3 SHOT=14912 day=311 hour=23 minute=22 sec=30

FILE: tieln4 7859 traces:
Start of file: tieln4 SHOT=2 day=311 hour=23 minute=22 sec=31
__End of file: tieln4 SHOT=15718 day=311 hour=0 minute=33 sec=28

FILE: tieln5 7898 traces:
Start of file: tieln5 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=0 minute=33 sec=29
__End of file: tieln5 SHOT=15796 day=312 hour=1 minute=44 sec=47

FILE: tieln6 8037 traces:
Start of file: tieln6 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=1 minute=44 sec=48
__End of file: tieln6 SHOT=16074 day=312 hour=2 minute=57 sec=29

FILE: tieln7 6729 traces:
Start of file: tieln7 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=2 minute=57 sec=30
__End of file: tieln7 SHOT=13458 day=312 hour=3 minute=58 sec=17

FILE: tieln8 5609 traces:
Start of file: tieln8 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=17 minute=27 sec=49
__End of file: tieln8 SHOT=11218 day=312 hour=18 minute=18 sec=26

FILE: tieln9 7598 traces:
Start of file: tieln9 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=18 minute=38 sec=11
__End of file: tieln9 SHOT=15196 day=312 hour=19 minute=46 sec=49

FILE: tieln10 7827 traces:
Start of file: tieln10 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=19 minute=46 sec=50
__End of file: tieln10 SHOT=15654 day=312 hour=20 minute=57 sec=37

FILE: tieln11 8205 traces:
Start of file: tieln11 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=20 minute=57 sec=38
__End of file: tieln11 SHOT=16410 day=312 hour=22 minute=11 sec=50

FILE: tieln12 7379 traces:
Start of file: tieln12 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=22 minute=11 sec=51
__End of file: tieln12 SHOT=14758 day=312 hour=23 minute=18 sec=38

FILE: tieln13 7624 traces:
Start of file: tieln13 SHOT=2 day=312 hour=23 minute=18 sec=38
__End of file: tieln13 SHOT=15248 day=312 hour=0 minute=27 sec=32

FILE: tieln14 9026 traces:
Start of file: tieln14 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=0 minute=37 sec=21
__End of file: tieln14 SHOT=18052 day=313 hour=1 minute=58 sec=52

FILE: tieln15 11676 traces:
Start of file: tieln15 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=1 minute=58 sec=53
__End of file: tieln15 SHOT=23352 day=313 hour=3 minute=44 sec=26

FILE: tieln16 6451 traces:
Start of file: tieln16 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=3 minute=44 sec=26
__End of file: tieln16 SHOT=12902 day=313 hour=4 minute=42 sec=43

FILE: tieln17 7994 traces:
Start of file: tieln17 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=4 minute=42 sec=44
__End of file: tieln17 SHOT=15988 day=313 hour=5 minute=54 sec=57

FILE: tieln18 8826 traces:
Start of file: tieln18 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=5 minute=54 sec=58
__End of file: tieln18 SHOT=17652 day=313 hour=7 minute=14 sec=41

FILE: tieln19 7906 traces:
Start of file: tieln19 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=7 minute=14 sec=42
__End of file: tieln19 SHOT=15812 day=313 hour=8 minute=26 sec=7

FILE: tieln20 7768 traces:
Start of file: tieln20 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=8 minute=26 sec=8
__End of file: tieln20 SHOT=15536 day=313 hour=9 minute=36 sec=21

FILE: tieln21 6370 traces:
Start of file: tieln21 SHOT=2 day=313 hour=9 minute=36 sec=22
__End of file: tieln21 SHOT=12740 day=313 hour=10 minute=33 sec=49