Seismic Data
ATSV 99044 CHIRP Subbottom Data: Lines 114-121; tielines 22-28

Note: All references to SEG-Y files on this page are accessible only from CD-ROM Disc 9.

How to download the data.

FILE: l114f1 81 traces:
Start of file: l114f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=10 minute=51 sec=10
__End of file: l114f1 SHOT=162 day=315 hour=10 minute=51 sec=54
Too few traces; no image available.

FILE: l114f2 12082 traces:
Start of file: l114f2 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=10 minute=57 sec=25
__End of file: l114f2 SHOT=24164 day=315 hour=12 minute=46 sec=28

FILE: l114f3 332 traces:
Start of file: l114f3 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=10 minute=54 sec=1
__End of file: l114f3 SHOT=664 day=315 hour=10 minute=57 sec=0

FILE: l115f1 10395 traces:
Start of file: l115f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=12 minute=46 sec=29
__End of file: l115f1 SHOT=20790 day=315 hour=14 minute=20 sec=26

FILE: l116f1 12192 traces:
Start of file: l116f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=14 minute=20 sec=27
__End of file: l116f1 SHOT=24384 day=315 hour=16 minute=10 sec=35

FILE: l117f1 10923 traces:
Start of file: l117f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=16 minute=10 sec=36
__End of file: l117f1 SHOT=21846 day=315 hour=17 minute=49 sec=19

FILE: l118f1 11162 traces:
Start of file: l118f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=17 minute=49 sec=20
__End of file: l118f1 SHOT=22324 day=315 hour=19 minute=30 sec=14

FILE: l119f1 10589 traces:
Start of file: l119f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=20 minute=15 sec=51
__End of file: l119f1 SHOT=21178 day=315 hour=21 minute=51 sec=35

FILE: l120f1 11586 traces:
Start of file: l120f1 SHOT=2 day=315 hour=22 minute=41 sec=23
__End of file: l120f1 SHOT=23172 day=315 hour=0 minute=26 sec=2

FILE: l121f1 10768 traces:
Start of file: l121f1 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=0 minute=26 sec=2
__End of file: l121f1 SHOT=21536 day=316 hour=2 minute=3 sec=20

FILE: tieln22 6794 traces:
Start of file: tieln22 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=2 minute=29 sec=35
__End of file: tieln22 SHOT=13588 day=316 hour=3 minute=30 sec=56

FILE: tieln23 8228 traces:
Start of file: tieln23 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=3 minute=30 sec=56
__End of file: tieln23 SHOT=16456 day=316 hour=4 minute=45 sec=15

FILE: tieln24 5280 traces:
Start of file: tieln24 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=4 minute=45 sec=16
__End of file: tieln24 SHOT=10560 day=316 hour=5 minute=33 sec=1

FILE: tieln25 5349 traces:
Start of file: tieln25 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=5 minute=43 sec=37
__End of file: tieln25 SHOT=10698 day=316 hour=6 minute=31 sec=56

FILE: tieln26 5790 traces:
Start of file: tieln26 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=6 minute=44 sec=33
__End of file: tieln26 SHOT=11580 day=316 hour=7 minute=36 sec=54

FILE: tieln27 6631 traces:
Start of file: tieln27 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=7 minute=49 sec=48
__End of file: tieln27 SHOT=13262 day=316 hour=8 minute=49 sec=50

FILE: tieln28 5767 traces:
Start of file: tieln28 SHOT=2 day=316 hour=9 minute=2 sec=29
__End of file: tieln28 SHOT=11534 day=316 hour=9 minute=54 sec=36