Cruise Pictures

R/V Atlantic Surveyor


Chirp Sidescan Sonar and Subbottom Profiling System

Datasonics SIS-1000 Sidescan Sonar
and Chirp Subbottom Towfish

Deployment of the
Datasonics SIS-1000

Dynacon Winch

Triton ISIS data acquisition system

Triton ISIS display

Sidemount for echosounder
and acoustic ranging to the
SIS-1000 sidescan fish

Data Acquisition Lab

Additional Submetrix sidescan sonar
and interferometric bathymetry system

Submetrix display

Navigation and Bathymetry Systems

Ashtech GPS and differential receivers (right) and Benthos ranging unit (left)

USGS navigation computer for
navigation logging and display

Hypack navigation display

The Cap'n navigation and charting display
Knudsen 3.5 kHz Fathometer

Furuno echosounder display

Data Processing

Data Processing Lab

Dual 500 MHz Pentium
(Linux and Seismic Unix Installed)
for seismic processing

Notebook computer for CD-ROM
seismic data archival

HP 755CM plotter (above)
and thermal printers for
seismic output (below)
Windows 98 system for
GIS sidescan mosaicking with PCI
SGI computers (file server
and sidescan sonar processing)

Cruise Participants

no picture available

Bill Schwab
(Chief Scientist)

Paul Byham
(Submetrix Representative)

Shawn Dadisman
(Data Processing)

Bill Danforth
(Marine Technology)

Jane Denny
(Data Processing)
(pictured with Ken Parolski)

Jenna Hill
(Data Processing)

Tom O'Brien
(Marine Technology)

Ken Parolski
(Marine Technology)