Seismic Data

Lines 25-36
How to download the data.

FILE: l25 9914 traces:
Start of file: l25 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=0 minute=56 sec=9
__End of file: l25 SHOT=9914 day=255 hour=2 minute=18 sec=46

FILE: l26 13399 traces:
Start of file: l26 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=2 minute=24 sec=53
__End of file: l26 SHOT=13399 day=255 hour=4 minute=16 sec=32

FILE: l27 10984 traces:
Start of file: l27 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=4 minute=23 sec=7
__End of file: l27 SHOT=10984 day=255 hour=5 minute=54 sec=38

FILE: l28 11056 traces:
Start of file: l28 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=6 minute=0 sec=54
__End of file: l28 SHOT=11056 day=255 hour=7 minute=33 sec=3

FILE: l29 9527 traces:
Start of file: l29 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=7 minute=39 sec=44
__End of file: l29 SHOT=9527 day=255 hour=8 minute=59 sec=7

FILE: l30 8123 traces:
Start of file: l30 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=9 minute=9 sec=30
__End of file: l30 SHOT=8123 day=255 hour=10 minute=17 sec=10

FILE: l31 4647 traces:
Start of file: l31 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=10 minute=37 sec=47
__End of file: l31 SHOT=4647 day=255 hour=11 minute=16 sec=30

FILE: l32 15750 traces:
Start of file: l32 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=12 minute=32 sec=48
__End of file: l32 SHOT=15750 day=255 hour=14 minute=45 sec=12

There is no line 33.
FILE: l34 8006 traces:
Start of file: l34 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=17 minute=34 sec=6
__End of file: l34 SHOT=8006 day=255 hour=18 minute=40 sec=49

FILE: l35 10106 traces:
Start of file: l35 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=19 minute=18 sec=34
__End of file: l35 SHOT=10106 day=255 hour=20 minute=42 sec=47

FILE: l36 10024 traces:
Start of file: l36 SHOT=1 day=255 hour=21 minute=33 sec=9
__End of file: l36 SHOT=10024 day=255 hour=22 minute=56 sec=41