Seismic Data

Lines 51-56
How to download the data.
FILE: l51 20292 traces:
Start of file: l51 SHOT=1 day=261 hour=3 minute=29 sec=38
__End of file: l51 SHOT=20292 day=261 hour=6 minute=18 sec=45

FILE: l52 900 traces:
Start of file: l52 SHOT=1 day=261 hour=6 minute=24 sec=34
__End of file: l52 SHOT=900 day=261 hour=6 minute=32 sec=5

FILE: l53 21665 traces:
Start of file: l53 SHOT=1 day=263 hour=16 minute=37 sec=11
__End of file: l53 SHOT=21665 day=263 hour=19 minute=37 sec=44

FILE: l54 22641 traces:
Start of file: l54 SHOT=1 day=263 hour=19 minute=42 sec=45
__End of file: l54 SHOT=22641 day=263 hour=22 minute=51 sec=24

FILE: l55 18842 traces:
Start of file: l55 SHOT=1 day=263 hour=23 minute=25 sec=15
__End of file: l55 SHOT=18842 day=264 hour=2 minute=2 sec=15

FILE: l56 18041 traces:
Start of file: l56 SHOT=1 day=264 hour=2 minute=6 sec=26
__End of file: l56 SHOT=18041 day=264 hour=4 minute=36 sec=46