ALPH 98013
Chirp Subbottom Seismic Data
Disc Two

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FILE: l3f1 4361 traces:
Start of file: l3f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=18 minute=41 sec=45
__End of file: l3f1 SHOT=8722 day=255 hour=18 minute=59 sec=12
l13f1.gif (1421800 bytes)
FILE: l3f2 19472 traces:
Start of file: l3f2 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=19 minute=5 sec=2
__End of file: l3f2 SHOT=38944 day=255 hour=20 minute=23 sec=4
l13f2.gif (1348211 bytes)
FILE: l14f1 13970 traces:
Start of file: l14f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=14 minute=59 sec=32
__End of file: l14f1 SHOT=27940 day=255 hour=15 minute=55 sec=32
l14f1.gif (2027182 bytes)
FILE: l14f2 6488 traces:
Start of file: l14f2 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=15 minute=55 sec=33
__End of file: l14f2 SHOT=12976 day=255 hour=16 minute=21 sec=34
l14f2.gif (745497 bytes)
FILE: l15f1 2258 traces:
Start of file: l15f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=16 minute=21 sec=34
__End of file: l15f1 SHOT=4516 day=255 hour=16 minute=30 sec=39
l15f1.gif (215288 bytes)
FILE: l15f2 4632 traces:
Start of file: l15f2 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=16 minute=30 sec=40
__End of file: l15f2 SHOT=9264 day=255 hour=16 minute=49 sec=15
l15f2.gif (586979 bytes)
FILE: l15f3 5846 traces:
Start of file: l15f3 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=16 minute=50 sec=42
__End of file: l15f3 SHOT=11692 day=255 hour=17 minute=14 sec=5
l15f3.gif (679736 bytes)
FILE: l16f1 10396 traces:
Start of file: l16f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=17 minute=21 sec=54
__End of file: l16f1 SHOT=20792 day=255 hour=18 minute=3 sec=33
l16f1.gif (1439027 bytes)
FILE: l17f1 11638 traces:
Start of file: l17f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=18 minute=29 sec=53
__End of file: l17f1 SHOT=23276 day=255 hour=19 minute=16 sec=34
l17f1.gif (1542183 bytes)
FILE: l18f1 8252 traces:
Start of file: l18f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=19 minute=41 sec=51
__End of file: l18f1 SHOT=16504 day=255 hour=20 minute=14 sec=57
l18f1.gif (1435594 bytes)
FILE: l18f2 5275 traces:
Start of file: l18f2 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=20 minute=14 sec=57
__End of file: l18f2 SHOT=10550 day=255 hour=20 minute=36 sec=3
l18f2.gif (805962 bytes)
FILE: l19f1 8742 traces:
Start of file: l19f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=20 minute=36 sec=3
__End of file: l19f1 SHOT=17484 day=255 hour=21 minute=11 sec=5
l19f1.gif (1343086 bytes)
FILE: l20f1 7275 traces:
Start of file: l20f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=21 minute=11 sec=5
__End of file: l20f1 SHOT=14550 day=255 hour=21 minute=40 sec=14
l20f1.gif (897097 bytes)
FILE: l21f1 5468 traces:
Start of file: l21f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=21 minute=40 sec=15
__End of file: l21f1 SHOT=10936 day=255 hour=22 minute=2 sec=13
l21f1.gif (697908 bytes)
FILE: l22f1 9503 traces:
Start of file: l22f1 SHOT=2 day=255 hour=23 minute=25 sec=23
__End of file: l22f1 SHOT=19006 day=255 hour=0 minute=3 sec=27
l22f1.gif (808081 bytes)
FILE: l23f1 11449 traces:
Start of file: l23f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=0 minute=22 sec=37
__End of file: l23f1 SHOT=22898 day=256 hour=1 minute=8 sec=29
l23f1.gif (955674 bytes)
FILE: l24f1 7671 traces:
Start of file: l24f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=1 minute=13 sec=33
__End of file: l24f1 SHOT=15342 day=256 hour=1 minute=44 sec=24
l24f1.gif (639613 bytes)
FILE: l24f2 8612 traces:
Start of file: l24f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=1 minute=44 sec=24
__End of file: l24f2 SHOT=17224 day=256 hour=2 minute=18 sec=50
l24f2.gif (733068 bytes)
FILE: l24f3 7569 traces:
Start of file: l24f3 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=2 minute=18 sec=50
__End of file: l24f3 SHOT=15138 day=256 hour=2 minute=49 sec=12
l24f3.gif (712015 bytes)
FILE: l25f1 9951 traces:
Start of file: l25f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=2 minute=49 sec=12
__End of file: l25f1 SHOT=19902 day=256 hour=3 minute=29 sec=11
l25f1.gif (973963 bytes)
FILE: l26f1 1096 traces:
Start of file: l26f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=4 minute=49 sec=43
__End of file: l26f1 SHOT=2192 day=256 hour=4 minute=58 sec=50
l26f1.gif (175084 bytes)
FILE: l26f2 1677 traces:
Start of file: l26f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=5 minute=5 sec=22
__End of file: l26f2 SHOT=3354 day=256 hour=5 minute=19 sec=10
l26f2.gif (210305 bytes)
FILE: l26f3 8964 traces:
Start of file: l26f3 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=5 minute=23 sec=31
__End of file: l26f3 SHOT=17928 day=256 hour=6 minute=38 sec=6
l26f3.gif (1097286 bytes)
FILE: l26f4 5384 traces:
Start of file: l26f4 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=6 minute=38 sec=6
__End of file: l26f4 SHOT=10768 day=256 hour=7 minute=23 sec=3
l26f4.gif (529214 bytes)

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