ALPH 98013
Chirp Subbottom Seismic Data
Disc Three

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FILE: l27f1 16278 traces:
Start of file: l27f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=7 minute=29 sec=52
__End of file: l27f1 SHOT=32556 day=256 hour=9 minute=45 sec=59
l27f1.gif (1614072 bytes)
FILE: l27f2 2849 traces:
Start of file: l27f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=9 minute=46 sec=0
__End of file: l27f2 SHOT=5698 day=256 hour=10 minute=9 sec=47
l27f2.gif (435773 bytes)
FILE: l28f1 8755 traces:
Start of file: l28f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=10 minute=15 sec=15
__End of file: l28f1 SHOT=17510 day=256 hour=11 minute=28 sec=20
l28f1.gif (1157549 bytes)
FILE: l28f2 2944 traces:
Start of file: l28f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=11 minute=28 sec=21
__End of file: l28f2 SHOT=5888 day=256 hour=11 minute=52 sec=55
l28f2.gif (309468 bytes)
FILE: l28f3 5856 traces:
Start of file: l28f3 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=11 minute=58 sec=52
__End of file: l28f3 SHOT=11712 day=256 hour=12 minute=47 sec=56
l28f3.gif (634889 bytes)
FILE: l29f1 8234 traces:
Start of file: l29f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=12 minute=54 sec=57
__End of file: l29f1 SHOT=16468 day=256 hour=14 minute=3 sec=42
l29f1.gif (743585 bytes)
FILE: l29f2 9510 traces:
Start of file: l29f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=14 minute=3 sec=43
__End of file: l29f2 SHOT=19020 day=256 hour=15 minute=23 sec=7
l29f2.gif (865749 bytes)
FILE: l30f1 9525 traces:
Start of file: l30f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=15 minute=23 sec=8
__End of file: l30f1 SHOT=19050 day=256 hour=16 minute=42 sec=39
l30f1.gif (849010 bytes)
FILE: l31f1 4215 traces:
Start of file: l31f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=16 minute=42 sec=40
__End of file: l31f1 SHOT=8430 day=256 hour=17 minute=17 sec=50
l31f1.gif (427794 bytes)
FILE: l33f1 173 traces:
Start of file: l33f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=19 minute=6 sec=35
__End of file: l33f1 SHOT=346 day=256 hour=19 minute=8 sec=1
l33f1.gif (17305 bytes)
FILE: l33f2 3545 traces:
Start of file: l33f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=19 minute=11 sec=30
__End of file: l33f2 SHOT=7090 day=256 hour=19 minute=41 sec=5
l33f2.gif (345024 bytes)
FILE: l33f3 8561 traces:
Start of file: l33f3 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=19 minute=48 sec=39
__End of file: l33f3 SHOT=17122 day=256 hour=21 minute=0 sec=10
l33f3.gif (748908 bytes)
FILE: l33f4 4168 traces:
Start of file: l33f4 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=21 minute=0 sec=11
__End of file: l33f4 SHOT=8336 day=256 hour=21 minute=34 sec=57
l33f4.gif (337458 bytes)
FILE: l34f1 10895 traces:
Start of file: l34f1 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=21 minute=36 sec=21
__End of file: l34f1 SHOT=21790 day=256 hour=23 minute=7 sec=18
l34f1.gif (1062068 bytes)
FILE: l34f2 10830 traces:
Start of file: l34f2 SHOT=2 day=256 hour=23 minute=7 sec=19
__End of file: l34f2 SHOT=21660 day=256 hour=0 minute=37 sec=44
l34f2.gif (1284298 bytes)
FILE: l35f1 10133 traces:
Start of file: l35f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=0 minute=43 sec=5
__End of file: l35f1 SHOT=20266 day=257 hour=2 minute=7 sec=39
l35f1.gif (703207 bytes)
FILE: l35f2 7874 traces:
Start of file: l35f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=2 minute=7 sec=40
__End of file: l35f2 SHOT=15748 day=257 hour=3 minute=13 sec=25
l35f1.gif (703207 bytes)
FILE: l36f1 10291 traces:
Start of file: l36f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=3 minute=31 sec=36
__End of file: l36f1 SHOT=20582 day=257 hour=4 minute=57 sec=32
l36f1.gif (1083036 bytes)
FILE: l36f2 10427 traces:
Start of file: l36f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=4 minute=57 sec=33
__End of file: l36f2 SHOT=20854 day=257 hour=6 minute=24 sec=35
l36f2.gif (913337 bytes)
FILE: l37f1 9820 traces:
Start of file: l37f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=6 minute=31 sec=8
__End of file: l37f1 SHOT=19640 day=257 hour=7 minute=53 sec=11
l37f1.gif (864398 bytes)
FILE: l37f2 9141 traces:
Start of file: l37f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=7 minute=53 sec=12
__End of file: l37f2 SHOT=18282 day=257 hour=9 minute=9 sec=31
l37f2.gif (886588 bytes)
FILE: l38f1 8782 traces:
Start of file: l38f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=9 minute=13 sec=48
__End of file: l38f1 SHOT=17564 day=257 hour=10 minute=27 sec=6
l38f1.gif (868547 bytes)
FILE: l38f2 9203 traces:
Start of file: l38f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=10 minute=51 sec=49
__End of file: l38f2 SHOT=18406 day=257 hour=12 minute=8 sec=39
l38f2.gif (730842 bytes)
FILE: l39f1 7654 traces:
Start of file: l39f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=12 minute=15 sec=38
__End of file: l39f1 SHOT=15308 day=257 hour=13 minute=19 sec=30
l39f1.gif (816632 bytes)
FILE: l39f2 9089 traces:
Start of file: l39f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=13 minute=19 sec=31
__End of file: l39f2 SHOT=18178 day=257 hour=14 minute=35 sec=24
l39f2.gif (979933 bytes)
FILE: l40f1 9539 traces:
Start of file: l40f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=14 minute=39 sec=29
__End of file: l40f1 SHOT=19078 day=257 hour=15 minute=59 sec=6
l40f1.gif (1096107 bytes)
FILE: l40f2 8251 traces:
Start of file: l40f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=15 minute=59 sec=7
__End of file: l40f2 SHOT=16502 day=257 hour=17 minute=7 sec=57
l40f2.gif (1126518 bytes)
FILE: l41f1 9067 traces:
Start of file: l41f1 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=17 minute=7 sec=57
__End of file: l41f1 SHOT=18134 day=257 hour=18 minute=23 sec=39
l41f1.gif (1182047 bytes)
FILE: l41f2 7252 traces:
Start of file: l41f2 SHOT=2 day=257 hour=18 minute=23 sec=39
__End of file: l41f2 SHOT=14504 day=257 hour=19 minute=24 sec=9
l41f2.gif (700977 bytes)

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