ALPH 98013 Water Gun  Subbottom Data -- Lines 1-25

FILE: l1f1.sgy:  Mudseis file
Start of file: l1f1.sgy SHOT=1 day=254 hour=15 minute=09 sec=38
_End of file: l1f1.sgy SHOT=508 day=254 hour=16 minute=02 sec=39
l1f1a.gif (115448 bytes)
FILE l1f2.sgy: Mudseis file, includes line 2
Start of file: l1f2.sgy SHOT=1 day=254 hour=16 minute=08 sec=42
_End of file: l1f2.sgy SHOT=1222 day=254 hour=18 minute=31 sec=10
l1f2a.gif (274354 bytes)
FILE: line2s 886 traces:
Start of file: line2s SHOT=1 day=254 hour=16 minute=49 sec=18 UTM_X=593036 UTM_Y=4478024
__End of file: line2s SHOT=886 day=254 hour=18 minute=32 sec=33 UTM_X=593476 UTM_Y=4462950
l2sa.gif (196107 bytes)
FILE: line3s 879 traces:
Start of file: line3s SHOT=1 day=254 hour=18 minute=42 sec=38 UTM_X=592464 UTM_Y=4463932
__End of file: line3s SHOT=879 day=254 hour=20 minute=25 sec=3 UTM_X=592121 UTM_Y=4479345
l3sa.gif (176492 bytes)
FILE: line3as 19 traces:
Start of file: line3as SHOT=1 day=254 hour=18 minute=37 sec=23 UTM_X=592941 UTM_Y=4463284
__End of file: line3as SHOT=19 day=254 hour=18 minute=39 sec=28 UTM_X=592699 UTM_Y=4463504
FILE: line4s 221 traces:
Start of file: line4s SHOT=1 day=254 hour=20 minute=29 sec=3 UTM_X=592606 UTM_Y=4479745
__End of file: line4s SHOT=221 day=254 hour=20 minute=54 sec=48 UTM_X=595300 UTM_Y=4482878
l4sa.gif (40673 bytes)
FILE: line4as 307 traces:
Start of file: line4as SHOT=1 day=254 hour=20 minute=57 sec=33 UTM_X=595607 UTM_Y=4483237
__End of file: line4as SHOT=307 day=254 hour=21 minute=33 sec=18 UTM_X=599514 UTM_Y=4487833
l4asa.gif (58349 bytes)
FILE: line4bs 185 traces:
Start of file: line4bs SHOT=1 day=254 hour=21 minute=35 sec=53 UTM_X=599772 UTM_Y=4488140
__End of file: line4bs SHOT=185 day=254 hour=21 minute=57 sec=18 UTM_X=601958 UTM_Y=4490675
l4bsa.gif (40687 bytes)
FILE: line5s 992 traces:
Start of file: line5s SHOT=1 day=254 hour=22 minute=0 sec=23 UTM_X=602029 UTM_Y=4491086
__End of file: line5s SHOT=992 day=254 hour=23 minute=55 sec=53 UTM_X=591016 UTM_Y=4479012
l5sa.gif (209558 bytes)
FILE: line7s 82 traces:
Start of file: line7s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=3 minute=13 sec=58 UTM_X=590078 UTM_Y=4477347
__End of file: line7s SHOT=78 day=255 hour=3 minute=27 sec=38 UTM_X=590528 UTM_Y=4479544
FILE: line8s 644 traces:
Start of file: line8s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=3 minute=29 sec=28 UTM_X=590684 UTM_Y=4479799
__End of file: line8s SHOT=644 day=255 hour=5 minute=16 sec=18 UTM_X=600246 UTM_Y=4492198
l8sa.gif (144347 bytes)
FILE: line9s 661 traces:
Start of file: line9s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=5 minute=17 sec=18 UTM_X=600136 UTM_Y=4492108
__End of file: line9s SHOT=661 day=255 hour=7 minute=7 sec=18 UTM_X=590022 UTM_Y=4480166
l9sa.gif (143799 bytes)
FILE: line10s 653 traces:
Start of file: line10s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=7 minute=9 sec=58 UTM_X=589966 UTM_Y=4479792
__End of file: line10s SHOT=653 day=255 hour=8 minute=58 sec=38 UTM_X=590452 UTM_Y=4463423
l10sa.gif (145176 bytes)
FILE: line11s 704 traces:
Start of file: line11s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=9 minute=0 sec=13 UTM_X=590528 UTM_Y=4463226
__End of file: line11s SHOT=704 day=255 hour=10 minute=57 sec=18 UTM_X=590951 UTM_Y=4479302
l11sa.gif (147197 bytes)
FILE: line11as 78 traces:
Start of file: line11as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=11 minute=3 sec=58 UTM_X=590654 UTM_Y=4480102
__End of file: line11as SHOT=78 day=255 hour=11 minute=16 sec=48 UTM_X=590490 UTM_Y=4481783
FILE: line12s 420 traces:
Start of file: line12s SHOT=1 day=255 hour=11 minute=18 sec=48 UTM_X=590640 UTM_Y=4482045
__End of file: line12s SHOT=420 day=255 hour=12 minute=28 sec=38 UTM_X=597429 UTM_Y=4490191
l12sa.gif (92176 bytes)
FILE: line18as 327 traces:
Start of file: line18as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=19 minute=42 sec=13 UTM_X=602633 UTM_Y=4467653
__End of file: line18as SHOT=327 day=255 hour=20 minute=36 sec=33 UTM_X=603023 UTM_Y=4460413
l18asa.gif (81514 bytes)
FILE: line19as 375 traces:
Start of file: line19as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=20 minute=39 sec=53 UTM_X=603116 UTM_Y=4459978
__End of file: line19as SHOT=375 day=255 hour=21 minute=11 sec=3 UTM_X=604052 UTM_Y=4455679
l19asa.gif (83921 bytes)
FILE: line20as 341 traces:
Start of file: line20as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=21 minute=12 sec=18 UTM_X=604137 UTM_Y=4455523
__End of file: line20as SHOT=341 day=255 hour=21 minute=40 sec=38 UTM_X=606011 UTM_Y=4451800
l20asa.gif (83992 bytes)
FILE: line21as 295 traces:
Start of file: line21as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=21 minute=41 sec=23 UTM_X=606090 UTM_Y=4451725
__End of file: line21as SHOT=295 day=255 hour=22 minute=5 sec=58 UTM_X=608555 UTM_Y=4448976
l21asa.gif (65222 bytes)
FILE: line22as 455 traces:
Start of file: line22as SHOT=1 day=255 hour=23 minute=25 sec=23 UTM_X=615890 UTM_Y=4456546
__End of file: line22as SHOT=445 day=256 hour=0 minute=3 sec=53 UTM_X=615859 UTM_Y=4462183
l22asa.gif (108015 bytes)
FILE: line23as 551 traces:
Start of file: line23as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=0 minute=22 sec=58 UTM_X=614385 UTM_Y=4464337
__End of file: line23as SHOT=551 day=256 hour=1 minute=8 sec=48 UTM_X=609745 UTM_Y=4459971
l23asa.gif (127541 bytes)
FILE: line24as 1140 traces:
Start of file: line24as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=1 minute=13 sec=23 UTM_X=609780 UTM_Y=4460354
__End of file: line24as SHOT=1140 day=256 hour=2 minute=48 sec=23 UTM_X=617656 UTM_Y=4472959
l24asa.gif (286523 bytes)
FILE: l25f1.sgy traces:
Start of file: l25f1 SHOT=1 day=256 hour=2 minute=49 sec=44
__End of file: l25f1 SHOT=424 day=256 hour=3 minute=24 sec=55
l25f1a.gif (103823 bytes)

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