ALPH 98013 Water Gun  Subbottom Data -- Lines 26-50

FILE: line26as 1854 traces:
Start of file: line26as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=4 minute=48 sec=43 UTM_X=625775 UTM_Y=4487596
__End of file: line26as SHOT=1854 day=256 hour=7 minute=23 sec=13 UTM_X=649329 UTM_Y=4489326
l26asa.gif (417590 bytes)
FILE: line27as 1644 traces:
Start of file: line27as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=7 minute=29 sec=48 UTM_X=649403 UTM_Y=4489023
__End of file: line27as SHOT=1644 day=256 hour=9 minute=46 sec=43 UTM_X=629150 UTM_Y=4487620
l27asa.gif (365848 bytes)
FILE: line29as 699 traces:
Start of file: line29as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=14 minute=25 sec=13 UTM_X=635589 UTM_Y=4487455
__End of file: line29as SHOT=699 day=256 hour=15 minute=23 sec=23 UTM_X=625914 UTM_Y=4486830
l29asa.gif (141663 bytes)
FILE: line30as 532 traces:
Start of file: line30as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=15 minute=58 sec=48 UTM_X=622165 UTM_Y=4482869
__End of file: line30as SHOT=532 day=256 hour=16 minute=43 sec=3 UTM_X=617596 UTM_Y=4478117
l30asa.gif (109968 bytes)
FILE: line31as 406 traces:
Start of file: line31as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=16 minute=43 sec=58 UTM_X=617594 UTM_Y=4477988
__End of file: line31as SHOT=406 day=256 hour=17 minute=17 sec=43 UTM_X=617807 UTM_Y=4473189
l31asa.gif (96129 bytes)
FILE: line32as 890 traces:
Start of file: line32as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=17 minute=52 sec=48 UTM_X=619778 UTM_Y=4476437
__End of file: line32as SHOT=890 day=256 hour=19 minute=6 sec=53 UTM_X=626119 UTM_Y=4486567
l32asa.gif (207859 bytes)
FILE: line33as 1735 traces:
Start of file: line33as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=19 minute=7 sec=38 UTM_X=626235 UTM_Y=4486565
__End of file: line33as SHOT=1735 day=256 hour=21 minute=32 sec=3 UTM_X=649374 UTM_Y=4488114
line33asa.gif (382357 bytes)
FILE: line34as 2167 traces:
Start of file: line34as SHOT=1 day=256 hour=21 minute=37 sec=23 UTM_X=649506 UTM_Y=4487837
__End of file: line34as SHOT=2167 day=257 hour=0 minute=37 sec=53 UTM_X=626005 UTM_Y=4486223
l34asa.gif (480441 bytes)
FILE: line35as 1802 traces:
Start of file: line35as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=0 minute=43 sec=23 UTM_X=626125 UTM_Y=4485863
__End of file: line35as SHOT=1802 day=257 hour=3 minute=13 sec=33 UTM_X=649417 UTM_Y=4487523
l35asa.gif (399212 bytes)
FILE: line36as 2071 traces:
Start of file: line36as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=3 minute=32 sec=33 UTM_X=651104 UTM_Y=4487290
__End of file: line36as SHOT=2071 day=257 hour=6 minute=24 sec=58 UTM_X=625968 UTM_Y=4485624
l36asa.gif (450558 bytes)
FILE: line37as 1961 traces:
Start of file: line37as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=6 minute=26 sec=23 UTM_X=625767 UTM_Y=4485595
__End of file: line37as SHOT=1961 day=257 hour=9 minute=9 sec=38 UTM_X=649482 UTM_Y=4486929
l37asa.gif (433791 bytes)
FILE: line38as 877 traces:
Start of file: line38as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=9 minute=14 sec=3 UTM_X=649478 UTM_Y=4486647
__End of file: line38as SHOT=877 day=257 hour=10 minute=27 sec=3 UTM_X=637768 UTM_Y=4485768
l38asa.gif (187116 bytes)
FILE: line38bs 933 traces:
Start of file: line38bs SHOT=1 day=257 hour=10 minute=51 sec=53 UTM_X=638153 UTM_Y=4485907
__End of file: line38bs SHOT=933 day=257 hour=12 minute=9 sec=33 UTM_X=625973 UTM_Y=4485010
l38bsa.gif (204324 bytes)
FILE: line39s 1689 traces:
Start of file: line39s SHOT=1 day=257 hour=12 minute=15 sec=23 UTM_X=626193 UTM_Y=4484481
__End of file: line39s SHOT=1689 day=257 hour=14 minute=35 sec=58 UTM_X=649557 UTM_Y=4486318
l39sa.gif (385078 bytes)
FILE: line40as 1711 traces:
Start of file: line40as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=14 minute=40 sec=13 UTM_X=649304 UTM_Y=4486017
__End of file: line40as SHOT=1711 day=257 hour=17 minute=2 sec=43 UTM_X=625954 UTM_Y=4484434
l40asa.gif (384010 bytes)
FILE: line41as 1635 traces:
Start of file: line41as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=17 minute=8 sec=13 UTM_X=626131 UTM_Y=4484113
__End of file: line41as SHOT=1635 day=257 hour=19 minute=24 sec=23 UTM_X=649576 UTM_Y=4485741
l41asa.gif (362506 bytes)
FILE: line42as 223 traces:
Start of file: line42as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=19 minute=27 sec=53 UTM_X=649564 UTM_Y=4485510
__End of file: line42as SHOT=223 day=257 hour=19 minute=46 sec=23 UTM_X=646906 UTM_Y=4485247
l42asa.gif (43514 bytes)
FILE: line42bs 1836 traces:
Start of file: line42bs SHOT=1 day=257 hour=19 minute=47 sec=8 UTM_X=646800 UTM_Y=4485236
__End of file: line42bs SHOT=1836 day=257 hour=22 minute=19 sec=58 UTM_X=626108 UTM_Y=4483807
l42bsa.gif (409602 bytes)
FILE: line43as 1555 traces:
Start of file: line43as SHOT=1 day=257 hour=22 minute=25 sec=8 UTM_X=626208 UTM_Y=4483498
__End of file: line43as SHOT=1555 day=257 hour=0 minute=34 sec=38 UTM_X=649582 UTM_Y=4485115
l43asa.gif (359403 bytes)
FILE: line44as 2121 traces:
Start of file: line44as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=0 minute=37 sec=38 UTM_X=649630 UTM_Y=4484891
__End of file: line44as SHOT=2121 day=258 hour=3 minute=34 sec=18 UTM_X=626203 UTM_Y=4483211
l44asa.gif (491659 bytes)
FILE: line45s 1725 traces:
Start of file: line45s SHOT=1 day=258 hour=3 minute=38 sec=33 UTM_X=626246 UTM_Y=4482872
__End of file: line45s SHOT=1725 day=258 hour=6 minute=2 sec=3 UTM_X=649708 UTM_Y=4484526
l45sa.gif (399093 bytes)
FILE: line46as 1865 traces:
Start of file: line46as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=6 minute=4 sec=58 UTM_X=649677 UTM_Y=4484271
__End of file: line46as SHOT=1865 day=258 hour=8 minute=40 sec=8 UTM_X=626205 UTM_Y=4482627
l46asa.gif (428802 bytes)
FILE: line47as 1689 traces:
Start of file: line47as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=8 minute=46 sec=38 UTM_X=626368 UTM_Y=4482303
__End of file: line47as SHOT=1689 day=258 hour=11 minute=7 sec=13 UTM_X=649854 UTM_Y=4483954
l47asa.gif (431163 bytes)
FILE: line48as 1872 traces:
Start of file: line48as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=11 minute=11 sec=38 UTM_X=649779 UTM_Y=4483655
__End of file: line48as SHOT=1872 day=258 hour=13 minute=47 sec=33 UTM_X=626197 UTM_Y=4482035
l48asa.gif (425672 bytes)
FILE: line49as 1694 traces:
Start of file: line49as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=13 minute=51 sec=13 UTM_X=626361 UTM_Y=4481736
__End of file: line49as SHOT=1694 day=258 hour=16 minute=12 sec=13 UTM_X=649777 UTM_Y=4483335
l49asa.gif (401735 bytes)
FILE: line50as 2051 traces:
Start of file: line50as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=16 minute=17 sec=8 UTM_X=649588 UTM_Y=4483073
__End of file: line50as SHOT=2051 day=258 hour=19 minute=7 sec=48 UTM_X=626290 UTM_Y=4481454
l50asa.gif (469190 bytes)

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