ALPH 98013 Water Gun  Subbottom Data -- Lines 51-75

FILE: line51as 1572 traces:
Start of file: line51as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=19 minute=11 sec=33 UTM_X=626346 UTM_Y=4481219
__End of file: line51as SHOT=1572 day=258 hour=21 minute=22 sec=23 UTM_X=649753 UTM_Y=4482744
l51asa.gif (365932 bytes)
FILE: line52as 2566 traces:
Start of file: line52as SHOT=1 day=258 hour=21 minute=26 sec=3 UTM_X=649856 UTM_Y=4482508
__End of file: line52as SHOT=2566 day=259 hour=0 minute=59 sec=43 UTM_X=626347 UTM_Y=4480838
l52asa.gif (602179 bytes)
FILE: line53as 1494 traces:
Start of file: line53as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=1 minute=5 sec=28 UTM_X=626729 UTM_Y=4480558
__End of file: line53as SHOT=1494 day=259 hour=3 minute=9 sec=53 UTM_X=649789 UTM_Y=4482136
l53asa.gif (345450 bytes)
FILE: line54as 2120 traces:
Start of file: line54as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=3 minute=13 sec=18 UTM_X=649858 UTM_Y=4481873
__End of file: line54as SHOT=2120 day=259 hour=6 minute=9 sec=48 UTM_X=626334 UTM_Y=4480225
l54asa.gif (491269 bytes)
FILE: line55as 1655 traces:
Start of file: line55as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=6 minute=13 sec=43 UTM_X=626476 UTM_Y=4479915
__End of file: line55as SHOT=1655 day=259 hour=8 minute=31 sec=33 UTM_X=649866 UTM_Y=4481542
l55asa.gif (383471 bytes)
FILE: line56as 1939 traces:
Start of file: line56as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=8 minute=34 sec=53 UTM_X=649733 UTM_Y=4481277
__End of file: line56as SHOT=1939 day=259 hour=11 minute=16 sec=18 UTM_X=626454 UTM_Y=4479646
l56asa.gif (440551 bytes)
FILE: line57as 1593 traces:
Start of file: line57as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=11 minute=21 sec=13 UTM_X=626655 UTM_Y=4479360
__End of file: line57as SHOT=1593 day=259 hour=13 minute=33 sec=33 UTM_X=649854 UTM_Y=4480954
l57asa.gif (357599 bytes)
FILE: line58as 1865 traces:
Start of file: line58as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=13 minute=37 sec=23 UTM_X=649806 UTM_Y=4480682
__End of file: line58as SHOT=1865 day=259 hour=16 minute=12 sec=38 UTM_X=626438 UTM_Y=4479049
l58asa.gif (420384 bytes)
FILE: line59as 1697 traces:
Start of file: line59as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=16 minute=17 sec=8 UTM_X=626624 UTM_Y=4478760
__End of file: line59as SHOT=1697 day=259 hour=18 minute=38 sec=13 UTM_X=649861 UTM_Y=4480338
l59asa.gif (400633 bytes)
FILE: line60as 1782 traces:
Start of file: line60as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=18 minute=43 sec=18 UTM_X=649779 UTM_Y=4480031
__End of file: line60as SHOT=1782 day=259 hour=21 minute=11 sec=38 UTM_X=626482 UTM_Y=4478446
l60asa.gif (414696 bytes)
FILE: line61as 1665 traces:
Start of file: line61as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=21 minute=15 sec=18 UTM_X=626477 UTM_Y=4478121
__End of file: line61as SHOT=1665 day=259 hour=23 minute=33 sec=48 UTM_X=649889 UTM_Y=4479729
l61asa.gif (380519 bytes)
FILE: line62as 1817 traces:
Start of file: line62as SHOT=1 day=259 hour=23 minute=37 sec=58 UTM_X=649873 UTM_Y=4479482
__End of file: line62as SHOT=1817 day=260 hour=2 minute=9 sec=13 UTM_X=626559 UTM_Y=4477839
l62asa.gif (415581 bytes)
FILE: line63as 1667 traces:
Start of file: line63as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=2 minute=14 sec=23 UTM_X=626797 UTM_Y=4477529
__End of file: line63as SHOT=1667 day=260 hour=4 minute=33 sec=8 UTM_X=650029 UTM_Y=4479153
l63asb.gif (341841 bytes)
FILE: line64as 618 traces:
Start of file: line64as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=4 minute=37 sec=28 UTM_X=650008 UTM_Y=4478858
__End of file: line64as SHOT=618 day=260 hour=5 minute=28 sec=28 UTM_X=641124 UTM_Y=4478222
l64asa.gif (138560 bytes)
FILE: line64bs 1043 traces:
Start of file: line64bs SHOT=1 day=260 hour=5 minute=29 sec=38 UTM_X=640925 UTM_Y=4478215
__End of file: line64bs SHOT=1043 day=260 hour=6 minute=55 sec=43 UTM_X=626594 UTM_Y=4477244
l64bsa.gif (250945 bytes)
FILE: line65as 1782 traces:
Start of file: line65as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=7 minute=2 sec=43 UTM_X=626587 UTM_Y=4476922
__End of file: line65as SHOT=1782 day=260 hour=9 minute=30 sec=43 UTM_X=650024 UTM_Y=4478548
l65asa.gif (415571 bytes)
FILE: line66as 1694 traces:
Start of file: line66as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=9 minute=35 sec=3 UTM_X=649782 UTM_Y=4478255
__End of file: line66as SHOT=1694 day=260 hour=11 minute=56 sec=3 UTM_X=626520 UTM_Y=4476655
l66asa.gif (395822 bytes)
FILE: line67as 1843 traces:
Start of file: line67as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=12 minute=1 sec=18 UTM_X=626780 UTM_Y=4476340
__End of file: line67as SHOT=1843 day=260 hour=14 minute=34 sec=23 UTM_X=650297 UTM_Y=4477908
l67asa.gif (431377 bytes)
FILE: line68as 1700 traces:
Start of file: line68as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=14 minute=38 sec=53 UTM_X=649818 UTM_Y=4477632
__End of file: line68as SHOT=1700 day=260 hour=17 minute=0 sec=28 UTM_X=625729 UTM_Y=4476012
l68asa.gif (401980 bytes)
FILE: line69as 1952 traces:
Start of file: line69as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=17 minute=8 sec=58 UTM_X=626217 UTM_Y=4475717
__End of file: line69as SHOT=1952 day=260 hour=19 minute=51 sec=33 UTM_X=650065 UTM_Y=4477338
l69asa.gif (449528 bytes)
FILE: line70as 1641 traces:
Start of file: line70as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=19 minute=57 sec=18 UTM_X=649710 UTM_Y=4477046
__End of file: line70as SHOT=1641 day=260 hour=22 minute=13 sec=53 UTM_X=626805 UTM_Y=4475456
l70asa.gif (376947 bytes)
FILE: line71as 1596 traces:
Start of file: line71as SHOT=1 day=260 hour=22 minute=21 sec=48 UTM_X=627038 UTM_Y=4475131
__End of file: line71as SHOT=1596 day=261 hour=0 minute=34 sec=43 UTM_X=650144 UTM_Y=4476747
l71asa.gif (359027 bytes)
FILE: line72as 829 traces:
Start of file: line72as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=0 minute=39 sec=3 UTM_X=649993 UTM_Y=4476451
__End of file: line72as SHOT=829 day=261 hour=1 minute=48 sec=3 UTM_X=639292 UTM_Y=4475703
l72asa.gif (191750 bytes)
FILE: line73as 1791 traces:
Start of file: line73as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=3 minute=1 sec=13 UTM_X=650466 UTM_Y=4476529
__End of file: line73as SHOT=1791 day=261 hour=5 minute=30 sec=3 UTM_X=626714 UTM_Y=4474863
l73asa.gif (412260 bytes)
FILE: line74as 1801 traces:
Start of file: line74as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=5 minute=33 sec=48 UTM_X=626775 UTM_Y=4474499
__End of file: line74as SHOT=1801 day=261 hour=8 minute=3 sec=8 UTM_X=650194 UTM_Y=4476148
l74asa.gif (414305 bytes)
FILE: line75as 1584 traces:
Start of file: line75as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=8 minute=6 sec=18 UTM_X=650170 UTM_Y=4475920
__End of file: line75as SHOT=1584 day=261 hour=10 minute=17 sec=48 UTM_X=626819 UTM_Y=4474277
l75asa.gif (358996 bytes)

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