ALPH 98013 Water Gun  Subbottom Data -- Lines 76-100

FILE: line76as 1828 traces:
Start of file: line76as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=10 minute=24 sec=38 UTM_X=627163 UTM_Y=4473966
__End of file: line76as SHOT=1828 day=261 hour=12 minute=56 sec=38 UTM_X=650270 UTM_Y=4475547
l76asa.gif (410282 bytes)
FILE: line77as 1606 traces:
Start of file: line77as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=13 minute=3 sec=58 UTM_X=649450 UTM_Y=4475183
__End of file: line77as SHOT=1606 day=261 hour=15 minute=17 sec=43 UTM_X=626850 UTM_Y=4473661
l77asa.gif (382195 bytes)
FILE: line78as 2271 traces:
Start of file: line78as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=15 minute=25 sec=8 UTM_X=627259 UTM_Y=4473361
__End of file: line78as SHOT=2271 day=261 hour=18 minute=34 sec=18 UTM_X=650101 UTM_Y=4474949
l78asa.gif (525387 bytes)
FILE: line79as 348 traces:
Start of file: line79as SHOT=1 day=261 hour=21 minute=32 sec=48 UTM_X=650169 UTM_Y=4474640
__End of file: line79as SHOT=348 day=261 hour=22 minute=1 sec=43 UTM_X=645188 UTM_Y=4474306
l79asa.gif (81180 bytes)
FILE: line79c 1183 traces:
Start of file: line79c SHOT=1 day=261 hour=22 minute=11 sec=23 UTM_X=643518 UTM_Y=4474193
__End of file: line79c SHOT=1183 day=261 hour=23 minute=49 sec=48 UTM_X=626794 UTM_Y=4473109
l79ca.gif (269719 bytes)
FILE: line80a 924 traces:
Start of file: line80a SHOT=1 day=261 hour=23 minute=54 sec=13 UTM_X=626867 UTM_Y=4472785
__End of file: line80a SHOT=924 day=262 hour=1 minute=11 sec=8 UTM_X=638130 UTM_Y=4473533
l80aa.gif (209993 bytes)
FILE: line80bs 1023 traces:
Start of file: line80bs SHOT=1 day=262 hour=1 minute=12 sec=13 UTM_X=638288 UTM_Y=4473548
__End of file: line80bs SHOT=1023 day=262 hour=2 minute=37 sec=23 UTM_X=650325 UTM_Y=4474366
l80bsa.gif (228928 bytes)
FILE: line81a 1739 traces:
Start of file: line81a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=2 minute=42 sec=53 UTM_X=649785 UTM_Y=4474027
__End of file: line81a SHOT=1739 day=262 hour=5 minute=7 sec=38 UTM_X=625582 UTM_Y=4472441
l81aa.gif (400540 bytes)
FILE: line82a 2171 traces:
Start of file: line82a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=5 minute=14 sec=33 UTM_X=625816 UTM_Y=4472120
__End of file: line82a SHOT=2171 day=262 hour=8 minute=15 sec=8 UTM_X=650337 UTM_Y=4473744
l82aa.gif (505879 bytes)
FILE: line83a 1642 traces:
Start of file: line83a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=8 minute=18 sec=13 UTM_X=650340 UTM_Y=4473521
__End of file: line83a SHOT=1642 day=262 hour=10 minute=34 sec=43 UTM_X=625648 UTM_Y=4471822
l83aa.gif (382040 bytes)
FILE: line84a 2055 traces:
Start of file: line84a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=10 minute=39 sec=58 UTM_X=625626 UTM_Y=4471485
__End of file: line84a SHOT=2055 day=262 hour=13 minute=31 sec=3 UTM_X=650425 UTM_Y=4473152
l84aa.gif (461724 bytes)
FILE: line85a 1578 traces:
Start of file: line85a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=13 minute=42 sec=8 UTM_X=648973 UTM_Y=4472757
__End of file: line85a SHOT=1578 day=262 hour=15 minute=53 sec=33 UTM_X=626989 UTM_Y=4471329
l85aa.gif (362952 bytes)
FILE: line86a 1901 traces:
Start of file: line86a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=16 minute=1 sec=53 UTM_X=626966 UTM_Y=4471028
__End of file: line86a SHOT=1901 day=262 hour=18 minute=40 sec=8 UTM_X=650435 UTM_Y=4472563
l86aa.gif (435032 bytes)
FILE: line87a 1674 traces:
Start of file: line87a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=18 minute=43 sec=43 UTM_X=650364 UTM_Y=4472306
__End of file: line87a SHOT=1674 day=262 hour=21 minute=2 sec=58 UTM_X=625810 UTM_Y=4470652
l87aa.gif (373994 bytes)
FILE: line88a 1965 traces:
Start of file: line88a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=21 minute=8 sec=3 UTM_X=625813 UTM_Y=4470344
__End of file: line88a SHOT=1965 day=262 hour=23 minute=51 sec=33 UTM_X=650507 UTM_Y=4471972
l88aa.gif (446548 bytes)
FILE: line89a 1791 traces:
Start of file: line89a SHOT=1 day=262 hour=23 minute=55 sec=8 UTM_X=650569 UTM_Y=4471687
__End of file: line89a SHOT=1791 day=263 hour=2 minute=24 sec=18 UTM_X=626583 UTM_Y=4470105
l89aa.gif (411516 bytes)
FILE: line90a 1802 traces:
Start of file: line90a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=2 minute=29 sec=43 UTM_X=626668 UTM_Y=4469768
__End of file: line90a SHOT=1802 day=263 hour=4 minute=59 sec=23 UTM_X=650683 UTM_Y=4471377
l90aa.gif (413086 bytes)
FILE: line91a 1732 traces:
Start of file: line91a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=5 minute=4 sec=18 UTM_X=650289 UTM_Y=4471073
__End of file: line91a SHOT=1732 day=263 hour=7 minute=28 sec=28 UTM_X=625574 UTM_Y=4469435
l91aa.gif (394470 bytes)
FILE: line92a 1990 traces:
Start of file: line92a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=7 minute=33 sec=23 UTM_X=625745 UTM_Y=4469138
__End of file: line92a SHOT=1990 day=263 hour=10 minute=18 sec=53 UTM_X=650534 UTM_Y=4470772
l92aa.gif (449496 bytes)
FILE: line93a 1752 traces:
Start of file: line93a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=10 minute=22 sec=23 UTM_X=650452 UTM_Y=4470498
__End of file: line93a SHOT=1752 day=263 hour=12 minute=47 sec=23 UTM_X=625834 UTM_Y=4468854
l93aa.gif (446638 bytes)
FILE: line94a 1871 traces:
Start of file: line94a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=12 minute=51 sec=28 UTM_X=625934 UTM_Y=4468513
__End of file: line94a SHOT=1871 day=263 hour=15 minute=27 sec=13 UTM_X=651104 UTM_Y=4470189
l94aa.gif (426963 bytes)
FILE: line95a 1703 traces:
Start of file: line95a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=15 minute=30 sec=53 UTM_X=650991 UTM_Y=4469928
__End of file: line95a SHOT=1703 day=263 hour=17 minute=52 sec=33 UTM_X=627367 UTM_Y=4468336
l95aa.gif (392914 bytes)
FILE: line96a 1921 traces:
Start of file: line96a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=18 minute=4 sec=48 UTM_X=626293 UTM_Y=4467938
__End of file: line96a SHOT=1921 day=263 hour=20 minute=44 sec=38 UTM_X=650651 UTM_Y=4469566
l96aa.gif (448218 bytes)
FILE: line97a 1641 traces:
Start of file: line97a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=20 minute=47 sec=38 UTM_X=650575 UTM_Y=4469311
__End of file: line97a SHOT=1641 day=263 hour=23 minute=4 sec=18 UTM_X=627296 UTM_Y=4467733
l97aa.gif (372830 bytes)
FILE: line98a 1738 traces:
Start of file: line98a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=23 minute=8 sec=43 UTM_X=627231 UTM_Y=4467437
__End of file: line98a SHOT=1738 day=264 hour=1 minute=33 sec=18 UTM_X=650692 UTM_Y=4468985
l98aa.gif (398560 bytes)
FILE: line99a 1970 traces:
Start of file: line99a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=1 minute=36 sec=43 UTM_X=650569 UTM_Y=4468696
__End of file: line99a SHOT=1970 day=264 hour=4 minute=20 sec=43 UTM_X=625979 UTM_Y=4467052
l99aa.gif (444154 bytes)
FILE: line100a 1734 traces:
Start of file: line100a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=4 minute=26 sec=28 UTM_X=626110 UTM_Y=4466679
__End of file: line100a SHOT=1734 day=264 hour=6 minute=50 sec=48 UTM_X=650744 UTM_Y=4468363
l100aa.gif (412631 bytes)


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