ALPH 98013 Water Gun  Subbottom Data -- Lines 101-113

FILE: line101a 478 traces:
Start of file: line101a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=6 minute=54 sec=28 UTM_X=650654 UTM_Y=4468091
__End of file: line101a SHOT=1390 day=263 hour=8 minute=50 sec=8 UTM_X=631395 UTM_Y=4466770
FILE: l101f2 508 traces: (MUDSEIS FILE)
Start of file: l101f2 SHOT=1 day=264 hour=8 minute=40 sec=37 UTM_X=4745756 UTM_Y=5840990
__End of file: l101f2 SHOT=508 day=264 hour=9 minute=22 sec=51 UTM_X=4738973 UTM_Y=5835405
l101f2a.gif (119090 bytes)
FILE: line102a 1824 traces:
Start of file: line102a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=9 minute=33 sec=8 UTM_X=626888 UTM_Y=4466199
__End of file: line102a SHOT=1824 day=263 hour=12 minute=4 sec=38 UTM_X=650772 UTM_Y=4467764
l102aa.gif (429894 bytes)
FILE: line103b 180 traces:
Start of file: line103b SHOT=1 day=263 hour=14 minute=17 sec=18 UTM_X=629071 UTM_Y=4466043
__End of file: line103b SHOT=180 day=263 hour=14 minute=32 sec=13 UTM_X=626673 UTM_Y=4465894
FILE: l103f1 1726 traces: (MUDSEIS FILE)
Start of file: l103f1 SHOT=1 day=264 hour=12 minute=8 sec=47 UTM_X=4763125 UTM_Y=5854416
__End of file: l103f1 SHOT=1726 day=264 hour=14 minute=32 sec=18 UTM_X=4740058 UTM_Y=5835337
l103f1a.gif (394067 bytes)
FILE: line104a 1788 traces:
Start of file: line104a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=14 minute=39 sec=13 UTM_X=626373 UTM_Y=4465563
__End of file: line104a SHOT=1788 day=263 hour=17 minute=8 sec=3 UTM_X=650775 UTM_Y=4467164
l104aa.gif (429946 bytes)
FILE: line105a 411 traces:
Start of file: line105a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=17 minute=12 sec=38 UTM_X=650666 UTM_Y=4466885
__End of file: line105a SHOT=411 day=263 hour=17 minute=46 sec=48 UTM_X=645239 UTM_Y=4466488
l105aa.gif (103081 bytes)
FILE: line106a 2096 traces:
Start of file: line106a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=17 minute=50 sec=33 UTM_X=645109 UTM_Y=4466988
__End of file: line106a SHOT=2096 day=263 hour=20 minute=45 sec=3 UTM_X=644519 UTM_Y=4496796
l106aa.gif (440530 bytes)
FILE: line107a 514 traces:
Start of file: line107a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=20 minute=49 sec=13 UTM_X=644572 UTM_Y=4496877
__End of file: line107a SHOT=514 day=263 hour=21 minute=31 sec=58 UTM_X=637699 UTM_Y=4496023
l107aa.gif (102418 bytes)
FILE: line108a 2453 traces:
Start of file: line108a SHOT=1 day=263 hour=21 minute=35 sec=38 UTM_X=637455 UTM_Y=4495685
__End of file: line108a SHOT=2453 day=264 hour=0 minute=59 sec=53 UTM_X=638029 UTM_Y=4466177
l108aa.gif (545525 bytes)
FILE: line110a 557 traces:
Start of file: line110a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=1 minute=2 sec=28 UTM_X=637723 UTM_Y=4466033
__End of file: line110a SHOT=557 day=264 hour=1 minute=48 sec=48 UTM_X=631191 UTM_Y=4465893
l110aa.gif (109063 bytes)
FILE: line110b 2080 traces:
Start of file: line110b SHOT=1 day=264 hour=1 minute=51 sec=33 UTM_X=630987 UTM_Y=4466213
__End of file: line110b SHOT=2080 day=264 hour=4 minute=44 sec=48 UTM_X=630477 UTM_Y=4493887
l110ba.gif (428091 bytes)
FILE: line111a 565 traces:
Start of file: line111a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=4 minute=45 sec=33 UTM_X=630462 UTM_Y=4494002
__End of file: line111a SHOT=565 day=264 hour=5 minute=32 sec=33 UTM_X=624162 UTM_Y=4489806
l111aa.gif (119309 bytes)
FILE: line112a 2409 traces:
Start of file: line112a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=5 minute=33 sec=23 UTM_X=624033 UTM_Y=4489773
__End of file: line112a SHOT=2409 day=264 hour=8 minute=53 sec=48 UTM_X=592940 UTM_Y=4482437
l112aa.gif (496771 bytes)
FILE: line113a 943 traces:
Start of file: line113a SHOT=1 day=264 hour=8 minute=54 sec=23 UTM_X=592835 UTM_Y=4482463
__End of file: line113a SHOT=943 day=264 hour=10 minute=12 sec=48 UTM_X=582160 UTM_Y=4491386
l113aa.gif (192686 bytes)


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