Northeast Section
Woods Hole, MA 02543


  1. Ship Name/Owner Operator: R/V CAPE HENLOPEN/Univ. of Delaware
  2. Cruise No.: CAPE HENLOPEN 94-12 (CH 94-12)
  3. Project Number: 9470-30051
  4. Funding Agency: ONR for ship time and USGS for sidescan work
  5. Area of Operation: Inner shelf off Little Egg Inlet, NJ
    Bounds of survey area: 39 26'N - 39 31'N
    74 12'W - 74 17'W
  6. Cruise Dates: 24 - 30 May, 1994
  7. Chief Scientist: M. Badiey, Univ. of Delaware
  8. Scientific Party: Mohsen Badiey, Univ. Delaware
  9. Ship's Captain: Matthew Hawkins
  10. Purpose of Cruise: The purpose of this cruise was to resurvey a 3 x 7 km area of the inner shelf that was initially surveyed in June, 1991 with the 100-kHz Klein sidescan sonar system to document changes that have occurred during the past three years. The study area is the site of a long-term ecological and oceanographic study that researchers at Rutgers University are conducting, and this remapping of the seafloor geology directly contributes to their benthic habitat and sediment transport studies. The group from the University of Delaware (under Dr. M. Badiey) is studying shallow water acoustic reverberation, and these sidescan results provide a more detailed view of the variability of the seafloor geology and how it changes with time than previously had been available to them.
  11. Navigation Techniques: Differential GPS
  12. Scientific Equipment: Klein 100-kHz sidescan sonar with winch
  13. Days at Sea: 6
  14. Page Size Trackchart: Complete survey
  15. Sidescan Surveys: Location: Little Egg Inlet