CD-ROMs Published by USGS Sea Floor Mapping Group


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Woods Hole Field Center CD/DVD-ROM products are listed with other pubs at our center web site and can be found by using the search engine.


Some historic publications of early surveys were published as formal USGS Digital Data Series products.  The following are available from the USGS regional Earth Science Centers and/or from the Denver ESIC.

cd-romDDS-15, Deepwater GLORIA sidescan surveys of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Caribbean

cd-romDDS-3, Western Massachusetts Bay survey

Other cdroms published as open-files are included at the USGS web site and organized as follows;

U.S. Geological Survey CD-ROM Products

some pictures from the Sea Floor Mapping Group (SFMG) cruise archive:

SFMG shipboard data processing van

Atlantic surveyor
ship of opportunity with vans and equipment(Norfolk)

SIS-1000 (sidescan-sonar/Chirp)

beach bluff erosion on the shores of Long Island Sound

launching SeaBoss on LIS (Ralph Lewis, State Geologist, Connecticut)
SeaBoss grab samples provide ground truthing for sidescan sonar mosaics.


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