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  • image of Rob Thieler Rob Thieler is the new Director of Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Core Lab Manager, Brian Buczkowski
  • image of USGS scientist measuring water and sediment movement at Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey New Technique Quickly Predicts Salt Marsh Vulnerability Scientists working on a rapid assessment technique for determining which US coastal salt marshes are most imperiled by erosion were surprised to find that all eight of the Atlantic and Pacific Coast marshes where they field-tested their method are losing ground, and half of them will be gone in 350 years’ time if they don’t recapture some lost terrain. ( .
  • image of seagrass meadow in Chincoteague Bay How does seagrass impact wave energy? Submerged aquatic vegetation is generally thought to attenuate waves, but this interaction remains poorly characterized in shallow-water field settings with locally generated wind waves. Better quantification of wave–vegetation interaction can provide insight to morphodynamic changes in a variety of environments and also is relevant to the planning of nature-based coastal protection measures. Toward that end, an instrumented transect was deployed across a Zostera marina (common eelgrass) meadow in Chincoteague Bay, Maryland/Virginia, U.S.A., to characterize wind-wave transformation within the vegetated region. (/)
  • image of Toolik Station Alaska, Photo by Jim Tang Study finds limited sign or soil adaptation to climate warning Study finds limited sign or soil adaptation to climate warning, representing the world's largest dataset to date of soil respiration response to experimental warming.
  • image of Dr. Bill Waite at the Science Stroll Gas Hydrates exhibit WHCMSC Participates in the 2nd Annual Woods Hole Science Stroll The USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center’s Gas Hydrates, Sediment Transport, and Sea-Floor Mapping groups provided hands-on demonstrations under the USGS tent at the Science Stroll
Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center's Geology Team is one of three marine teams that conduct research within the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program. The team is located on WHOI's Quissett Campus. The team has a staff of about 100, including 24 research scientists and 75 scientific and administrative support staff. USGS earth scientists explore and study many aspects of the underwater areas between shorelines and the deep ocean off the U.S. East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and in parts of the Caribbean and Great Lakes.


Internet Map Server

Image of U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) limits
Our interactive map server with displays on various information layers from a number of USGS research programs.

Environmental Compliance

image of usgs observer

Maps of America's Submerged Lands:

MRIB logo
Links to maps of the sea floor, including the digital data, displayed on a map of the U.S. east coast.


Photo of Shrimp
A collection of photographs documenting
sea floor characteristics and operations in the field.

Field Activity Data Displays (FADD)

image of bathymetry collected on a field activity
Collections of data relating to field activity research.

Coastal and Marine Geoscience Data System

CMGDS cover graphic
Discover and download data produced by the U.S. Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Geology Program.

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