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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-002

Geological Framework Data from Long Island Sound, 1981-1990:

A Digital Data Release

CERC Technical Report 81-3

Table 1.


Generalized stratigraphy of Long Island
(from Williams, 1976)

Cenozoic Quaternary Holocene (recent)   Quartzose sand, beach and dune deposits, and fine-grained lagoon sediments
Pleistocene Harbor Hill Moran
Ronkonkoma Moran
Ground and terminal moraine; stratified deposits of sand and gravel, cobbles, silt and clay
  20-foot Clay Grayish-green, silty-clay, glauconitic fine sand (marine)
  Gardiners Clay Grayish-green, silty-clay (marine)
  Jameco Gravel
Manetto Gravel
Fine to very-coarse sand and gravel; scattered beds of silt and clay (fluvial or glacial outwash)
Mesozoic Cretaceous Upper Cretaceous Monmouth Group
Matawan Group
Magothy Formation
Quartzose sand interbedded with silt and clay
  Raritan Formation
Raritan Clay
Silty, sand, brownish-gray clay with thin beds of sand and gravel
  Lloyd Sand Quartzose fine to coarse sand and gravel; interbedded clay and silty sand is common
Precambrian or Paleozoic     Crystalline Bedrock Undifferentiated, consolidated, metamorphic granite

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