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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-002

Geological Framework Data from Long Island Sound, 1981-1990:

A Digital Data Release

1984 MMS Core Descriptions


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Descriptions of vibracores collected in Long Island Sound during 1984 as part of a cooperative program between the Minerals Management Service, Association of American State Geologists, and the State of Connecticut are presented below. These descriptions are provided as both abbreviated text summaries and as GIF images. The images were produced from scans of the original core-description sheets and have not been enhanced.

Click on the links below to view selected core information.  Text summary descriptions as well as GIF images of the visual descriptions of the cores and a link to the core photograph are available.  The selected GIF image be displayed in a new browser window. Please note, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, the full resolution core photographs will be automatically scaled to fit the browser window and will not display at their proper size.  To access the images directly, the user may wish to browse to the directory data/cores/mms84/photos, select the desired image and open it with a separate processing program such as Corel PhotoPaint or Adobe Photoshop.

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