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USGS Open-File Report 2005-1162, Sidescan-Sonar Imagery and Surficial Geologic Interpretation of the Sea Floor off Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Map showing location of the Bridgeport, Connecticut study area.

Figure 1. Map showing location of the Bridgeport, Connecticut, study area (red polygon). Also shown are the sites of major onshore and offshore moraines and other interpreted sidescan-sonar surveys in Long Island Sound: NOAA Survey H11044 - McMullen and others (2005); NOAA Survey H11043 -- Poppe and others (2004);Norwalk -- Twichell and others (1997); Milford -- Twichell and others (1998); New Haven Harbor and CLIS -- Poppe and others (2001); Roanoke Point -- Poppe and others (1999a); Falkner Island -- Poppe and others (1999b); Hammonasset -- Poppe and others (1997); Niantic Bay -- Poppe and others (1998a); New London -- Poppe and others (1992), Moffett and others (1994), Zajac and others (2000, 2003); Fishers Island Sound -- Poppe and others (1998b).

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