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Concept of RayGUI

RayGUI consists of three packages:

Philosophy: ray_window is a GUI that allows you to interactively edit velocity models and ray-tracing parameters. Ray-tracing is performed by invoking jrayinvr from the GUI. After ray-tracing is completed, ray_window displays observed and modeled traveltimes, and optionally, rays. ray_window is written in JAVA, jrayinvr in FORTRAN77, auxiliary programs in FORTRAN 77 and ANSI-C.

Further details: The following may be helpful for understanding some of RayGUI's pitfalls...

rayinvr versions: RayGUI contains the following modifications of rayinvr:

We usually mean jrayinvr when referring to rayinvr. The original rayinvr and xrayinvr2 may be useful useful for testing. Linux users: If you're using g77 as a FORTRAN compiler, you're likely to run into trouble with compiling rayinvr (and it's modifications). You may have to fix some source code.

RayGUI invokes the following scripts:

These scripts (together with some definitions set in /tmp/rayMarker have to be in /tmp. source ...(raygui)/rayInit should copy these scripts. The most likely cause of trouble with RayGUI is that these scripts are not present in /tmp.
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Last revised Apr. 10, 2002