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General description of RayGUI

RayGUI is a graphical user interface to perform seismic ray-tracing with the rayinvr program (Zelt, C.A., and Smith, R.B., Geophys. J. Int., 108, 16-34, 1992), a widely-used package for a 2-D forward modeling of seismic rays in an isotropic medium on UNIX workstations. The graphical interface greatly facilitates the use of rayinvr, which currently requires text-editing of the velocity model and has a rigid display of model and traveltimes. RayGUI enables the user to graphically edit a subsurface velocity model and change the ray-tracing parameters. The medium consists of distinct layers with velocity values defined at their tops and bases. Velocities can vary laterally along a given layer, and layers can pinch out. Ray-tracing is performed by converting the RayGUI velocity model into rayinvr format and invoking rayinvr from within RayGUI. The modeled rays are plotted in the window of the velocity model. Observed and calculated traveltimes are displayed for comparison to test the velocity model. The display parameters are controlled interactively. The inversion features of rayinvr can be invoked after minor editing of the RayGUI output. The package also contains conversion routines to read velocity models from rayinvr and the MacRay ray-tracing program (Luetgert, J.H., USGS Open File Report 92-356, 1992) into RayGUI. RayGUI is written in JAVA. FORTRAN 77 and ANSI-C are required to compile rayinvr and some auxiliary programs.

The package is available for non-commercial purposes. Please contact Uri ten Brink at to obtain information on how to download this package. The Java 2D Graph Package may only be used within the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License. rayinvr, which is part of this package, may not be used commercially. For details please contact Colin Zelt at rayinvr had to be modified slightly. Therefore, other versions of rayinvr cannot be used with the RayGUI interface.

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