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Model Building GUI for rayinvr


This JAVA program lets you visualize and manipulate a model on the screen and then output a file that rayinvr can read. In addition to the Model Building Window there is a Time Plot window to view observed and calculated arrivals and an R.IN GUI for manipulating the parameters and spawning a call to rayinvr.


Model Building Window

The model window lets you add layer points, velocity points and interfaces. Models can be saved as ascii column data and individual interfaces can be imported as column data.

Time Plot Window

A plot of observed and calculated arrivals created from the and tx.out files and updated everytime new rays are shot.

Running rayinvr from the GUI

rayinvr can be run from within the program. An output file called rays.out is read for the individual ray points to plot on the model.

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Last revised March 7, 1998