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Overview of Model Building GUI

This program lets you visualize and manipulate a velocity model in ray_window format on the screen and then output a as v.in file, the velocity model for rayinvr. The model window lets you add layer points, velocity points and interfaces. Models can be saved as ascii column data and individual interfaces can be imported as column data.

Moving points

Adding a point: Clicking on the screen will add a point at the cursor location to the current layer (marked in green). If no interfaces exist, you will be prompted for model limits and 2 interfaces will be created.
Moving a point: To move an existing point, drag it to it's new location and let go of the mouse button.
Select New Layer: Click on any point in the layer to select that layer.

Removing a point

Clicking on the "Remove point" Button will remove the current pont(the one that is red). The backspace key may also be used to remove the current point. The next point to the left will be activated as "current".

Adding a layer

To Add a layer, press the "Add layer" Button. You will be promted for an interface number. If that interface already exists, the existing interface and all higher in number will be incremented by one. The gui then waits for a click on the screen. Two endpoints at the model X limits will be added at the y location of your click. At this time you should add a velocity point at both ends by choosing Menu item "Add end Vels" from the Edit Menu.

Removing a layer

Clicking on the "Remove layer" Button will remove the current interface(the one that is green). All interfaces higher in number will be decrimented.

Adding a velocity point

After clicking on the "Velocity point" Button, you will be asked for top and bottom velocities.The gui then waits for a click on the screen. At the x location of the click a velocity point will be added to the current layer.


To zoom, click on the "Zoom" Button. The gui then waits for you to drag a box to zoom into.

Zooming out

To zoom out, click on the "Unzoom" Button. This restores the full model limits.

Duplicate box

After pressing the "Duplicate box" button, the gui waits for you to drag a box enclosing the points in the layer above the active layer to be duplicated. On releasing the mouse you will be asked for an offset. A zero offset will create a local pinch upward. A postive offset will duplicate the enclosed points in the above interface with the offset added to their y value.

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