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Open model
Opens a model in RayGUI format as ascii file and inputs it as an interface. If a model already exist you will be asked for layer(actually interface) number of the import. Any interfaces equal to or higher in number to this one will be inceremented by one. The program will sort points by x location and interpolate depths for plotting velocity points. Open model is how you open a file made with the "Save model" option.

File Format::

    x z [vtop] [vbottom]
    space indicates next interface
    x z [vtop] [vbottom]

If there are 4 columns on a line it is assumed that that is a velocity point. If there are less than 4 it is assumed to be a layer point. A blank line between a series of points indicates a separate interface.

Save model
Saves velocity model in RayGUI format

Output layers
Saves individual layers as "layer0", "layer1", etc.

Overwites the "" file in the current directory (the one the program was started in), in rayinvr format

Print xys
Prints all x, z and top velocity values to STDOUT.

Exit the program. A copy of the current model is saved to a file called ".backup".


Undoes the last command. At the moment the limit is 6 undos.

Clears all data and prepares the program for a new model.

Duplicate Interface
Duplicates the current interface(the one that is green). You are asked for the interface number of the new layer. Any interfaces equal to or higher in number to this one will be inceremented by one. You are also asked for an offset. This value will be added to the z value of each point.

Pinch Layer
This is meant to complete an interface that does not extend to the model x limits by duplicating the above interface with a zero offset. For example: If you wanted to make a small pocket of sediments in a limited area, but wanted it to pinch to zero thickness everywhere else, you could add a layer and move the endpoints to the x bounds of your pocket and then select "Pinch Layer". Points from the above layer would be duplicated and added with zero offset from Model Xmin to pocket Xmin and from pocket Xmax to Model Xmax.

Layer Velocities
This lets you change all the volicites in the current layer at the same time. All velocities associated with the current interface will be changed to the values you add.

Add end Vels
Asks for top anf bottom velocity values and adds one at the Xmax and Xmin of the interface.


Show Time Plots
Reads the "" and "tx.out" files in the current directory and displays a plot of them.

Show Rays
Check Box turning on the display of rays on the model. This option requires the altered version of ray inverse. It is initialized to false. Depending on how many rays were shot, this could take a long time. The time plot will display new calculated arrivals regardless of this setting.

Change Limits
Asks used for new Model Xmin, Xmax, Ymin and Ymax. The interfaces are extended in the x direction but not in the y. This feature may have some bugs in it, especially when truncating a model.
Point Size
Allows user to make the point size larger or smaller


RayGUI Help
Not yet implemeted

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