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Running rayinvr

Pressing the "Run rayinvr" Button in the main model window will display Execution Controls dialog.

Image of execution controls

Buttons - Execution Controls:

View Modify input parameters (see below)

Run: Run jrayinvr. Current version (1.3, 2/14/01) saves model as /tmp/rayVtmp and executes the script /tmp/rayCommand. rayCommand converts /tmp/rayVtmp to (in current directory) using ray2mod. Then calls jrayinvr.

Kill: (Removed)

Done: Close window

Modifying Input Parameters

Hitting "View" in the Execution Controls menu lets you modify using the R.IN GUI. This GUI reads parameters from file in the current directory and displays them for editing. (It sometimes helps to edit this file using a texteditor, instead.)

Image of control box to modify input parameters

Select ray types:

The left side of the R.IN GUI menu allows clicking ray types according to the rayinvr conventions for ray tracing parameter "ray" in "ray=l.x" in marks layer=l, type=x with:
x=0, "User": take-off angles supplied by the user in the arrays amin and amax
x=1, "Turn": rays which refract (turn) in the l-th layer
x=2, "Refl": rays which eflect off the bottom of the l-th layer
x=3, "Head": rays which travel as head waves along the bottom of the l-th layer

Buttons - R.IN GUI:

The four center buttons correspond to the parameter lists "pltpar", "axepar", "trapar", and "invpar" in See rayinvr documentation for a description of parameters.

Modify parameter: Click on corresponding parameter on center buttons. Parameter name should appear in "Name" field. Modify its value in "Value" field, according to FORTRAN conventions for namelists, i.e., including ',', '.', etc. Hit "Add Value" and "Output File"(always both!) to save changes in Don't change "ray" (use selection of ray types in this window, see above), "xshot", "zshot", "ray", "nray", "aamin", and "aamax"(all trace parameters) (use "Shot Params" button, see below). "imodf=1.0," is required (read the velocity model from Note: By far not all the rayinvr parameters are set in the file provided with RayGUI. Add as needed.

Add parameter: Click "new pltpar" (or corresponding for other buttons) on corresponding parameter on center buttons. Edit name in "Name" field. Make sure that it is identical to its rayinvr name. Edit its value in "Value" field. Make sure that format is correct. Hit "Add Value" and "Output File" to save changes in

Add Value: (see above; appends value to internal parameter list).

Output File: (see above; output

Shot Params: Edit "xshot", "zshot", "ray", "nray", "aamin", and "aamax". Click on "Shot Params" button again to destroy window. Don't forget to save with "Add Value" and "Output File".

Vel->Pois: Window to calculate Poisson's ratio from Vp and Vs. rayinvr requires Poisson's ratio. Self-explanatory, somewhat primitive. Careful that you see the exponent for small sigma. Unstable for Vs ~ sqrt(Vp)/2; should be 0 for Vs = sqrt(Vp)/2. Note: Trace parameters "ncbnd", "cbnd", "pois", "poisl", "poisb", and "poisbl" control S-ray tracing.

Note: Using from other rayinvr projects

RayGUI will most likely not be able to right-away read files generated for other rayinvr applications. Editing such that it contains exactly one line per parameter should be sufficient in most cases. Make sure that all four parameter lists are in Set Trace parameter "imodf=1.0," (read velocity model from

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