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Time Plot Window

This plot is updated everytime rayinverse has completed running. It displays and tx.out values.

Image of the time frame plot

Dialog box showing which shots are displayed


Which Shots?
Brings up the window to the left, created from info in the file. On some systems, you may need to enlarge this window. On some systems, you may need to enlarge this window. After selecting shots to display, press "Reload Shots".

Reload Shots
Reload observed and modeled traveltimes

Symbol Size
Displays this Dialog. Dialog box for setting the symbol size Change lenghts of lines for traveltimes. After changing the size, press "Set" (Range) to update. Pressing the "Symbol Size" Button a second time hides the dialog. A symbol size of 0.01 corresponds to an assumed error of +/-0.01s in the traveltime picks, i.e., observed traveltimes are displayed as 0.02s-long lines. Modeled traveltimes are displayed as 0.01-s long lines.

Hide/Show Symbols
Toggle, hide or show symbols for modeled (!) traveltimes.

Reduction Velocity
Displays this reduction velocity dialog. Dialog box for setting the reduction velocity After changing the velocity, press the "Reload Shots" button,

Set (Range)
The text boxes display xmin, xmax, tmin, tmax. After changing these values click "Set" (Range).

Full (Range)
Sets plot limits to full range of both observed( and calculated(tx.out).

Recover (Range)
Recover previously set range (if reset to default after reloading data, changing reduction velocity, etc.).

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Last revised Feb. 14, 2001