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Array Sizes

The parameters specifying the size  of all arrays within  RAYINVR 
are contained in the file rayinvr.par and may be altered to suit a 
particular problem and memory requirements.

model layers - player

points defining a single layer boundary (must be a multiple of 10) 
   - ppcntr

points at which the upper or lower layer velocity is defined (must 
   be a multiple of 10) - ppvel

trapezoids within a layer - ptrap

shot points - pshot

ray codes for a single shot - prayf

ray groups for all shots combined - ptrayf

rays in a single group - pnrayf

rays reaching the surface (not including the search mode) - pray

points defining a single ray - ppray

reflecting boundaries for a single ray - prefl

reflecting boundaries for all ray groups - preflt

converting boundaries for a single ray - pconv

converting boundaries for all ray groups - pconvt

points defining smooth layer boundary - pnsmth

trapezoids within which Poisson's ratio is modified - papois

model parameters for which partial derivatives are calculated for 
   inversion - pnvar

travel time picks in the file - prayi

floating reflectors - pfrefl

points defining a single floating reflector - ppfref

iterations in two-point ray tracing search - pn2pt

travel times with the same integer code for a single shot - pnobsf

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998