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A program to check, edit and plot the file used as input by the program RAYINVR

Program Description

The program VMODEL performs three main tasks associated with the file containing the velocity model used as input by the program RAYINVR. First, it checks the format of to ensure it is as required by RAYINVR. If it detects format errors, it indicates the location and type of error. Similarly, it checks for unusually small or large velocity values, negative vertical velocity gradients, large vertical or lateral velocity gradients, low-velocity zones, crossing layer boundaries, and boundaries with large slope changes. Second, VMODEL can edit the file by (1) re-ordering the boundary and/or velocity nodes from left to right, (2) re-sampling the boundary and/or velocity nodes to increase or decrease the number of model parameters, and (3) smoothing the boundaries and/or lateral velocity variations using a three-point averaging filter. Third, plot (1) the 2-D model versus depth or two-way travel time, (2) 1-D velocity profiles versus depth or time, or (3) the RMS velocity variation across the model.


Input file:  contains  program  input  parameters  in  the  
   PLTPAR, AXEPAR and MODPAR namelists

Input file:  contains the  velocity model used  as input  by 

Output file: v.out contains the velocity model after it  has been 
   edited or smoothed  or nodes  have been  sorted from left  to 

Output file: vm.out contains warning and error messages regarding 
   the format of the file as well as summary information

Output file: m.out  contains the  two-way travel  times of  model 
   boundaries and RMS velocity profile corresponding to the plots 
   generated by VMODEL

Output file: p.out contains all plot commands for the run used as 
   input by the program RAYPLOT

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998