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Additional Notes

Order of operations:  the following list  is the order  in which 
   the main operations are performed by VMODEL:
      1) check  that boundary  nodes and  velocities are  listed 
        left to right, or re-order them
      2) re-sample boundary nodes and velocities to  increase or 
        decrease the number of model parameters
      3) smooth layer boundaries and lateral velocity variations
      4)  check  for  small  and  large  velocities,  boundaries  
        crossing, low-velocity zones, negative vertical velocity 
        gradients, large changes  in boundary  slope, and  large 
        vertical and lateral velocity gradients
      5) plot  the model,  velocity  profiles and  RMS  velocity 
      6) write velocity model to  the file v.out if it  has been 

Low-velocity zones and pinchouts: low-velocity  zones that occur 
   across one or more layers that have been pinched out will not 
   be detected.

External plot routines: VMODEL is self-contained except  for the
   graphics calls inside the following CALCOMP or CALCOMP-like plot 
   The file pltlib.f contains ALL these routines (and a few other 
   less important ones used by the graphics system where the 
   code was developed) and it will be necessary to replace the "call" 
   statements within each of these with their equivalents in the 
   local graphics package.

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998