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Additional Notes

Run only once: after running RAYINVR, you can not change the
   file in anyway if you intend to run DMPLSTSQR afterwards. And
   you must not run DMPLSTSQR more than once without first
   running RAYINVR again, otherwise twice the model perturbation
   will be added to the current model.

Specifying model uncertainties: the main purpose of this is as a 
   weighting to  account  for the  difference  in  magnitude of  
   velocity and depth  of boundary values  and thereby equalize  
   their relative importance during the inversion. If different 
   uncertainties are required for specific boundary or velocity 
   nodes,  the  file   i.out  is  edited   to  incorporate  the   
   appropriate uncertainties  and the  values of  velunc and/or  
   bndunc are set equal to zero.

Fixed vertical  velocity  gradient:  if  the  vertical  velocity  
   gradient is fixed  in a  layer which  contains a  pinchout ,  
   there may be problems in determining the updated lower layer 
   velocities in a  few special cases.  A warning is  given and  
   these parameters should be checked after the inversion.

Inversion of layer pinchouts: in  a few special cases  there are 
   bugs in the inversion  code when attempting  to invert model  
   parameters associated  with  a layer  pinchout;  check these  
   parameters after the inversion.

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998