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Auxiliary Programs

The directory .../rayinvr/package/misc contains the source codes for various utility programs to be used with rayinvr, tramp, pltsyn, vmodel and rayplot. They are all non-graphics fortran 77 codes with generally a very simple function and the input and output files are generally obvious, but can be determined by reading the comments at the top of each source code. Some of the programs are documented in the documentation files for rayinvr or tramp.

This is a list of the name and purpose of each program:

2PT:          Produce a bit-mask file using two output files generated
              by RAYINVR to allow a two-point minimum-traveltime raypath
              diagram to be produced by RAYPLOT (see documentation of
              RAYPLOT for details)            

COMBINE:      Combine the partial derivatives and           
              traveltime residuals from two runs           

COMBSEC:      Combine two "sect.out" files into one        

DMPLSTSQR:    Damped least-squares solution of          
              traveltime inversion problem            

FTEST:        Compute the significance of two given      
              chi-squared values using the F-test      

ISEIS:        Interpolate traveltime picks at       
              uniform or specified seismogram locations 

ORDER_PICKS:  Re-order "" file in order of     
              increasing x-coordinate within each phase
              (use this program before running RECIPROCITY).

PHERCOUNT:    Calculate number of arrivals for each phase     
              and average uncertainties for "" file     

RECIPROCITY:  Check traveltime reciprocity of "" file
              (must run ORDER_PICKS before to order the file)

REDUCE:       Change the reducing velocity applied to a "" file

SECT2TX:      Obtain a "" file from a "sect.out" file 

SMOOTHLSQR:   Least-squares solution of traveltime inversion problem
              using smoothing regularisation. It uses the same file 
              as DMPLSTSQR but dmpfct now controls the smoothing. You must 
              invert for all parameters in a given row at the same time.

SMOOTH_PICKS: Smooth a "" file within each phase       

SPREAD:       Select the receiver locations           
              according to a specified geometry        

TTNOISE:      Add Gaussian noise to traveltime picks      

TX2POIS:      Calculate Poisson's ratio from P- and S-wave  
              travel times in two separate files   

TX2REC:       Obtain a "" file for input to TRAMP from    
              a "" file                     

TXMATCH:      select picks with the same positions for two    
              different phases from two "" files      

TXOFFSET:     Convert a "" file with a shot at 0 km to a
              file with shots at any position         

TXPHASE:      Select particular phases from a "" file   

TXSHIFT:      Apply a bulk time shift to picks for selected
              shots in a "" file. This program is primarily 
              intended to be used after running reciprocity
              which provides the bulk time shifts to minimize
              the reciprocal traveltime discrepancies.

UNC:          Assign an offset-dependent pick uncertainty                  

VDEPTH:       Apply a bulk shift to the z-coordinates of a file 

VDIFF:        Take the difference of two velocity models       
              with the same parameterization            

VEX:          Extrapolate the constrained part of a model    
              to the edges of the model           

VPOIS:        Calculate Poisson's ratio given the P- and   
              and S-wave velocity models in 2 separate files

VS:           Convert a P-wave velocity model to an S-wave      
              model using a constant Poisson's ratio 

VZOOM:        Change the xmin and/or xmax of a velocity model  

XSHOT:        Change the shot position and/or direction     
              in a "" file

Some of these programs are listed below:

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998