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A program to interpolate the travel time picks at uniformly or irregularly spaced seismogram locations


Input file:  is  the  output file  (tx.out)  generated  by  

Input file: contains  the irregularly  spaced  seismogram 
   locations at which the  travel times are to  be interpolated; 
   format is F10.3 if the same receiver locations are to be used 
   for  each  shot,  and  format  is  the  same  as  (see  
   description under RAYINVR) if different receiver locations are 
   required for each shot, the x-coordinates of the travel times 
   being the seismogram locations.

Output file: tx.out contains the interpolated travel times in the 
   same format as

For  a  uniform  seismogram  spacing,  the  minimum  and  maximum  
seismogram location and spacing (km) are input  interactively. If 
a non-uniform spacing is required, the seismogram locations in the 
file are used. Note  that if the file  corresponding 
to a set of observed travel time picks is used for, a  set 
of calculated travel times may  be generated at the same  station 
locations (and assigned the same associated pick  uncertainty) as 
the observed data, as is  needed when estimating a final  model's 
spatial resolution using the technique described under VDIFF.

Ingo Pecher
Sat Mar 7 19:13:54 EST 1998