Java Class Source
The main plotting canvas. This class controls the look and feel of the graph.
An extension of the Graph2D class with event handling and graphics input.
The class that contains the data.
An extension of the DataSet class to allow vector fields to be plotted.
This class will use a seperate thread to load data into a data set from a a passed URL.
The class that calculates and draws the axis
A class to format text on a line. It combines the Font, Color, and FontMetrics with the String.
An extension to the TextLine class that allows text to be rotated. The rotation is only in increments of 90°. (This is only for clarity of text. The ImageFilter used to rotate the text could be extended for arbitrary rotation.)
A class to either create or load from a URL stroked markers that can be placed at data points
An extension to the StreamTokenizer class to allow KeyWords to be recognised in the stream and returned as tokens.
An extension to the ScanWord class that can parse an input stream and construct an entire plot based on the commands in the stream. This class allows plots to be constructed from simple scripts.
An extension to the G2Dint class that can plot and label contours. The actual contour curves are calculated by the IsoCurve class.
A class to allow a string to be tokenized into numbers and predefined keywords.
An extension to the ScanString class that will parse a function definition of at most 3 independent variables and return the result as a double.
An extension of the java.lang.Math class that defines some special function (such as Hyperbolic functions, Bessel functions) and defines some physical constants (such as Gravitation constant, mass of proton, Stefan-Boltzman constant etc.)

Java Applet Source

An applet that plots data it has calculated
An applet that repeats example1 but plots two graphs side by side.
An example of using Threads and the Graphing Class library to produce a StripChart.
An example of using Threads, double buffering and the Graphing Class library to produce a flicker free StripChart.
An example of plotting data loaded from a URL and allowing the user to rescale the plot.
An example of using the TextLine class.
An example of using the BuildGraph class. Using this precompiled applet a user can incorporate any plot into a web document
An example of using the Contour class.
An example of using the ParseFunction class to plot a 1D function.
An example of using the ParseFunction classK to contour a 2D function..

Other files
Here is the input file that is used to build the plot in Example 5.
Here is the input file that is used to build the plot in Example 5a.
Here is the input file that is used to build the plot in Example 5b.
Here is the data file that is plotted in Example 2 and Example 5.
The default marker description file.
A stand alone java program that uses the ParseFunction class to parse the command line. Used to debug the ParseFunction and SpecialFunction class. Can Also be used to return values of function strings.

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