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HSlice Window

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The menu bar on the horizontal slice window has four sub menus.

The File menu has five menu items:

The Variable menu brings up a list of choices for a new variable to plot in the hslice window. The list of choices depends on the netCDF file you are working with. Here the horizontal variable is changed from the default depth to temperature.

image of hslice with temperature as the variable

The Appearance presents the user with the opportunity to change colormaps, change shading, or to autoscale the current colormap. Supported colormaps are jet, flipud(jet), gray, hsv, hot, cool, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. If the user wants to add their own colormap, that really isn't too hard to do. The user only need to take a good hard look at the colormap section in the hslice.m file. Just make a corresponding entry for your own colormap. It's that simple, as long as the function for your colormap is already defined. Four lines, max. Shading options include flat, faceted, and interp. Because the user is able to edit the color maximum and minimum via the color edit typeins (see below), it may be desirable to get the color range back to its pristine condition. The Autoscale Color menu item does this by mapping the data extrema to the colormap extrema.

The Adv. Edit menu has four items.

It may be desirable to change the color range of the data, or to examine horizontal slices at different depths or time steps. These tasks can be accomplished by typing in values in the widgets found at the bottom the hslice window. The figures below shows the effect of changing the color range on a slice of salinity.
Before changing the color range.

image of salinity, default settings

After changing the color range.

image of salinity, new color limits

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