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VSlice Window

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The ability to change colormaps, shading, place velocity field overlays, etc., is certainly nice and all, but the primary motivation for this project was to be able to take a vertical slice between two arbitrary points on the horizontal slice. This is accomplished by choosing vertical slice on the Advanced Edit menu, and then clicking twice with the mouse somewhere within the hslice window. A single click at each point should suffice; double-clicking at each point might confuse it!

After two valid mouse points are chosen, a horizontal line between the two points will be drawn on the horizontal slice, and the contents of the vertical slice will soon show up in a new window. The vertical slice is shown going all the way down to the ocean floor, so an idea of the bathymetry can be gained here. Because the line may lie between arbitrary point on the hslice window and not necessarily exactly on a grid cell, interpolation is used. The vertical slice window has a menu bar with options similar to the horizontal slice window. The results may look something like the images below. The vertical slice image has had its coloring autoscaled, and shading set to interp.

image of salinity field with arbitrary line denoting slice

image of vertical slice corresponding to line

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