Development, analysis and visualization tools for the POM, ECOM and ROMS ocean models (Utilizing NetCDF, MATLAB and AVS)

A cslice imageAn avs image

Rich Signell, John G. Evans and Chuck Denham


You've got the model code, but how do you generate a decent grid, store the data in an reasonable way, and analyze/visualize the output? To hopefully save you some work, we've put our machine-independent, extensible software system for generating/editing grids, visualizing and analyzing the model output from ROMS, POM  and ECOM circulation models out here on the Web where you can grab it.

Components of the system:

Component 1. Creating NetCDF output files

To use the Matlab and AVS tools, you need to be write the output using NetCDF , an efficient, self-describing machine-independent binary format that was developed at NCAR's UNIDATA, and is specifically designed for large arrays of scientific data.

Component 2: Matlab Tools

You can use Matlab to create model grids, edit bathymetry values of the grid, and visualize the NetCDF output files from the model.

Component 3: AVS tools

Component 4:  Making movies

How about making movies? Well, just make the frames of your movie with whatever package you like to use, and save each frame as a standard image format, like .gif, .pcx, .ppm, etc. Then use the free FLC making tools to make your movie.