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SeaGrid Orthogonal Grid Maker For Matlab

Seagrid image

Image courtesy Rich Signell, U.S.G.S., Woods Hole
SeaGrid is a Matlab 5.2+ application for generating an orthogonal grid within a curved perimeter, suitable for oceanographic modeling.

 With SeaGrid, one can:

Starting from a conformal projection (such as Mercator) of the targeted area, SeaGrid uses the Ives-Zacharias scheme to conformally map the curved perimeter to a rectangle, after which, a Poisson solver fills the interior with orthogonally distributed grid points. Control over such features as the number of grid-cells and the density of grid lines is provided by menus, dialogs, and direct graphical manipulation of objects in the program's display window. Behind the scenes, Seagrid uses a new object-oriented window manager (Presto), plus some Mex-files. None of these rely on optional MathWorks toolboxes.

 Tutorial -- We are currently working on a tutorial. The images need to be redone with our Unix system, but the general layout will be as shown.

Download SeaGrid

1. The current Seagrid software is available using SVN at An explanation on how to use SVN services can be found at This site also has SVN client software available, if needed. Once you have checked out the software, add the path to the trunk of the SVN files directory into your Matlab directory path.

You will find these directories
.\seagrid (contains Seagrid application m-files)
.\seagrid\presto (contains a library that Seagrid depends upon)
.\seagrid\test_data (contains test data used in the Seagrid tutorial)

You will also find a number of Mex file subdirectories such as
that indicate mex files to be used with specific operating system and
Matlab version.
If you don't see your operating system listed, you will need to build
the mex files from source code, which requires both Fortran and C
compilers. If you don't see your version of Matlab, try one from a
previous release. Sometimes they will also work.

.\seagrid\mex (contains Seagrid binary mex files for PC Windows)

2. Add the .\seagrid, .\seagrid\presto and appropriate
.\seagrid\mex_<version>_<os> directory to your matlab path.

3. In Matlab, cd to the .\seagrid\test_data directory, type "seagrid"
and then follow the Seagrid tutorial.

For problems contact


 One final note: The SeaGrid "File/Help/WWW Home Page" menu item will link to this page from within a Matlab session.

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