Plots of salinity distributions

Figure 1: Surface salinity distributions are shown for different magnitudes of periodic winds at t=34 days. After two days of initial river inflow, sinusoidal wind stresses with amplitudes 0, 0.5, and 1 dyne/cm² are applied to the model with a period of 4 days (2 days upwelling, followed by two days of downwelling winds). In spite of all three cases having zero mean wind stress, the salinity fields differ depending on the amplitude of the wind fluctuations. The wind fluctuations have the net effect of modifying the mean plume conditions. For the 1 dyne/cm² winds, the plume is strongly mixed during each "cycle" of wind such that the plume never establishes itself as a large coastal current. Instead, the plume is a short-lived feature during the downwelling winds when the plume "restarts" itself.