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 ReadmeMiscellaneous time series manipulation and analysis tools from (mostly)
 angledANGLED: Returns the phase angles in degrees of a matrix with complex elements
 anim_demoANIM_DEMO Demonstration of how to make a FLC movie in Matlab/UNIX
 anim_frameANIM_FRAME makes a frame for later conversion into a movie by ANIM_MAKE
 anim_makeANIM_MAKE makes a movie from the frames prepared by ANIM_FRAME
 boxfiltboxfilt Low-pass filters [and subsamples] using boxcar filter[s]
 cnv2matCNV2MAT Reads the SeaBird ASCII .CNV file format
 comcorCOMCOR Complex correlation between two vector time series.
 denanDENAN removes all the rows of a matrix that contain NaNs.
 drawDRAW Draws points on the current plot, returning their locations.
 eofEOF Empirical orthogonal functions.
 fourfiltFOURFILT Fourier low, high, or bandpass filter.
 gettsGETTS Gets time-series data from from an EPIC style netcdf file,
 getvelGETVEL Gets time-series vector data from an EPIC style netcdf file,
 gmaxGMAX Similar to MAX, but for "good" points (finite points).
 gmeanGMEAN just like mean, except that it skips over bad points
 gminGMIN Similar to MIN, but for "good" points (finite points).
 gregorianGREGORIAN: Converts Julian day numbers to Gregorian calendar.
 h2hmsH2HMS: converts hours to hours, minutes, and seconds
 hms2hHMS2H: converts hours, minutes, and seconds to hours
 indemoINDEMO Demo program for function INSIDE
 insideINSIDE determines if points are inside/outside a polygon.
 insidepINSIDEP Find all the points strictly inside an interactively draw polygon
 interp_rINTERP_R: A no-loop 1D interpolation routine for time series data
 jdrps2jdmatJDRPS2JDMAT Convert Signell's Julian days to Matlab's Serial day
 julianJULIAN: Converts Gregorian calendar dates to Julian dates.
 medfiltmedfilt -- Median-filtering.
 mergescalMERGESCAL Merges scalar data from multiple EPIC time series files
 mergevecMERGEVEC Merges vector data from multiple EPIC time series files
 nearNEAR finds the indices of x that are closest to the point x0.
 plfiltPLFILT Low-pass filters hourly data using the pl33 filter
 ppmwritePPMWRITE writes the current figure in PPM format.
 princaxPRINCAX Principal axis, rotation angle, principal ellipse
 pvdPVD Progressive vector diagrams.
 read_srtm30plusREAD_SRTM30PLUS Read SRTM30+ ~1km) World topo/bathy into Matlab via WMS
 s2hmsS2HMS: converts seconds to integer hour,minute,seconds
 saveasciiSAVEASCII save an array in a formatted form
 ss2SS2: Gregorian start and stop of Julian day variable
 stats_vSTATS_V Some basic stats of one or two vector quantities.
 thumbfinFUNCTION THUMBFIN rejects data outside a user-specified range.
 tidefitTIDEFIT - Simple tide fit. Fits sine waves with specified periods to data
 tindTIND finds index of Julian day array closest to the specified Gregorian time
 write_gnome_curvWRITE_GNOME_CURV Writes curvilinear NOAA/GNOME-compatible NetCDF
 write_topo_cfWRITE_TOPO_CF: Writes 2D topo/bathy data to CF-compliant NetCDF file
 write_vpvWRITE_VPV: Writes velocity profile data in ASCII VPV format.
 writeppmWRITEPPM Writes an Image and a Colormap as a PPM file
 wstressWSTRESS computes wind stress using the Large and Pond (JPO, 1981) formulation.
 wysiwygWYSIWYG -- this function is called with no args and merely

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