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Matlab files in this directory:

 air_densAIR_DENS: computes computes the density of moist air.
 albedoALBEDO: computes sea surface albedo following Payne (1972).
 as_constsAS_CONSTS: returns values of many constants used in AIR_SEA TOOLBOX
 binaveBINAVE: averages vector data in bins of length r.
 blwhfBLWHF: estimates net long-wave heat flux using bulk formulas
 cdnlpCDNLP: computes neutral drag coefficient following Large&Pond (1981).
 cdntcCTDTC: computes the neutral drag coefficient following Smith (1988).
 cdnveCDNVE: computes neutral drag coefficient following Vera (1983).
 cloudcorCLOUDCOR: computes cloud correction factor for bulk long-wave flux.
 clskswrCLSKSWR: computes clear sky insolation following Seckel&Beaudry (1973).
 contentsContents of AIR_SEA TOOLBOX, Version 2.0
 cool_skinCOOL_SKIN: compute the cool-skin parameters.
 delqDELQ: computes air-sea specific humidity difference.
 epEP: computes evap and precip accumulation
 greg2GREG2: converts decimal yearday to standard Gregorian time.
 hfbulktcHFBULKTC: computes sensible and latent heat fluxes and other variables.
 hms2hHMS2H: converts hours, minutes, and seconds to hours.
 julianmdJULIANMD: converts Gregorian calendar time to decimal Julian day.
 lwhfLWHF: computes net longwave heat flux following Dickey et al (1994).
 omegalmcOMEGALMC: estimates wind log profile correction due to surface waves.
 qsatQSAT: computes specific humidity at saturation.
 rain_fluxRAIN_FLUX: computes heat and momentum flux due to rain.
 readmeAIR_SEA: Introduction to the AIR_SEA TOOLBOX
 reedcfREEDCF: computes daily mean cloud cover following Reed (1977).
 relhumidRELHUMID: finds relative humidity from wet/dry thermometer readings.
 rhadjRHADJ: rescales RH to have a maximum of 100%.
 s2hmsS2HMS: converts seconds to interger hour, minute, and seconds.
 satvapSATVAP: computes saturation vapor pressure
 slhftcSLHFTC: computes sensible and latent heat flux following TOGA/COARE.
 soradna1SORADNA1: computes no-sky solar radiation and solar altitude.
 spshftlpSPSHFTTC: adjusts wind speed from z1 to z2 following Large&Pond (1981).
 spshfttcSPSHFTTC: adjusts wind speed from z1 to z2 following Smith (1988).
 spshftveSPSHFTVE: adjusts wind speed from z1 to z2 following Vera (1983).
 stresslpSTRESSLP: computes neutral wind stress following Large and Pond (1981).
 stresstcSTRESSTC: computes the neutral wind stress following Smith (1988).
 stressveSTRESSVE: computes stress using Vera (1983) neutral drag law.
 sunriseSUNRISE: computes sunrise and sunset times for specified day and location.
 sw_tcondSW_TCOND thermal conductivity
 sw_viscSW_VISC kinematic viscosity
 swhfSWHF: computes net shortwave heat flux into the ocean and albedo.
 t_hfbulktcT_HFBULKTC: a program to test hfbulktc.m using COARE test data
 vaporVAPOR calculates heat of evaporation for pure water
 viscairVISCAIR: computes viscosity of air
 wavdist1WAVDIST1: estimates wave effects on wind speed measured at za.
 wavdist2WAVDIST2: plots wave distortion effects on wind at za.
 wavedistWAVEDIST: estimates wind speed distortion due to surface waves.
 wdnotesWDNOTES: notes on estimating wave effects on wind measurements.
 yeardayYEARDAY: converts calender month and day into yearday.

Other Matlab-specific files in this directory:

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