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Matlab files in this directory:

 boxfiltBOXFILT Running box-car filter.
 cvCV Cross product between two vectors.
 detrendDETREND removes trends in u using a polynomial of order norder.
 greg2GREG2 converts year day numbers to corresponding Gregorian calendar dates.
 hms2hHMS2H hours, minutes, and seconds to decimal hours.
 julianJULIAN converts Gregorian calendar dates to corresponding Julian day numbers.
 linregLINREG computes linear regression of y on x, i.e.
 linreg1LINREG1 solves directly for the coefficients in a linear model
 pl33tnPL33TN: pl33t with variable dt and T
 pl64tapPL64TAP low-pass filters the hourly time series.
 pl66tnPL66TN: pl66t for variable dt and T
 quadratQUADRAT(x) returns the quadratic solution for use with LINREG1.
 regressNotes on Regression Methods for Linear Models
 rotROT rotates a vector counterclockwise,
 rotmajaxROTMAJAX rotates input vector velocity into direction of maximum variance.
 tide_ellTIDE_ELL calculates tidal ellipse parameters from TIDE_FIT output.
 tide_fitTIDE_FIT Simple least-squares tidal analysis.
 tide_predTIDE_PRED predicts tidal currents for time t from TIDE_FIT output
 txtTXT Fill a matrix with lines of text entered from the keyboard.
 veccorVECCOR computes the vector correlation coefficient.
 veccor1VECCOR1 computes the complex vector correlation.

Other Matlab-specific files in this directory:

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