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Matlab files in this directory:

 ReadmeMapping related stuff
 degminsDEGMINS Creates a degrees and minutes label for use in MAPAX routine.
 demo_mapDEMO_MAP Demonstrates map stuff: JOIN_CST, FILLSEG and MAPAX.
 fillsegFILLSEG Fills polygon line segments separated by [nan nan] (eg. Coastline data)
 fixcoastFIXCOAST Makes sure coastlines meet Signell's conventions.
 geo_simplifyGEO_SIMPLIFY -- Simplify (reduce the points of) a lat/lon polyline
 grdcutGRDCUT: reads subregion of GMT grid file into Matlab arrays x,y,z
 join_cstJOIN_CST Makes continuous coastline from fragmented segments.
 mapaxMAPAX Puts degrees and minutes on map axes instead of decimal degrees
 read_gmtREAD_GMT reads GMT grid file into Matlab arrays x,y,z
 xy_simplifyXY_SIMPLIFY -- Simplify (reduce the number of points) of a polyline

Other Matlab-specific files in this directory:

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